HATE IN FAR ROCKAWAY: Two Black Men Yell “KILL THE JEWS” at Yeshiva Boys Posing For Class Picture


A group of Yeshiva students posing for a class photo were the victims of the latest hate incident in NYC.

On Wednesday (May 8), the students and faculty of Mesivta Shaarei Chaim were posing for a group photo in front of the yeshiva, which is housed at the Young Israel of Far Rockaway, located at 716 Beach 9th Street.

As the boys were in middle of taking their photo, a black Chevy Tahoe traveling on Beach 9th Street stopped in front of that location and began taking pictures of the group. There were 2 black males in the vehicle who yelled, “dirty (expletive removed) Jews”, and “kill the (expletive removed) Jews”. The vehicle then drove off.

The vehicle had a North Carolina license plate with the first 3 letters PHV posted on the vehicles back end.

The Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol (RNSP Shomrim) were contacted as well as the police and canvassed the area for the vehicle.

A police report was filed with the 101st Precinct, and the matter was referred to the NYPD’s Hate Crimes unit.

This is the fourth hate incident in NYC this week reported by YWN. A Hasidic man was assaulted in Williamsburg by a group of anti-Semitic thugs on Shabbos; A Hasidic man in Williamsburg was punched in the head on Tuesday, and an NYPD Traffic Agent use an anti-Semitic slur against a Jewish driver.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. question; adults in the 40+ age range ,as a child or teen when some goy threw an egg , or yelled a curse… was it news? or did u keep playing or walking.. why is every dumb comment headlines…
    ps even magic marker scrawls or your bike getting stolen wasnt news

  2. @ nnmnn You got it on the mark! This cop just started to make it acceptable to come out for others to do so. This is a disgrace! The fact he came out with this blasphemy already says something about the person. I’m very glad the driver spoke out. We are not going to be quiet! NEVER AGAIN!

  3. Growing up in boro park 40 years ago, got these multiple times daily. It appears that the new generation has a false sense of reality.

  4. “We’re in galus. Stop posting every little incident get over it and move on.”
    Don’t worry, when something happens to you or your family we’ll make sure to not care.

  5. > must_hock May 9, 2019 1:05 pm at 1:05 pm

    “We’re in galus.”

    And our mission in golus, at least in the U.S. version, is to show loyalty to ‘dina de’malchuta dina” and make sure the Constitutional premises and articles (G-d, life, liberty etc and freedom of religion, speech etc) are exercised as meant – which means if they have such speech it is our constitutional responsibility to respond in kind.

  6. Some of these comments are actually shockingly contrary to yiddishkeit, why post? Why is it news? When another Yid is hurt or in pain, we must feel their pain, we have to cry out H’ yishmareinu!

  7. It’s news because under Giuliani it had improved.
    Then it began deteriorating slowly under Bloomberg, then more rapidly under the current genius in City Hall.
    On a broader basis, Obama publicly displaying his hate of Netanyahu taught the world to thumb its collective nose at Israel as well, with Europeans vindicating their old hatred.
    His support of Antifa and other such movements contributed greatly as well. His proverbial son looking like Travyon didn’t help matters either.
    And that’s why thought it wasn’t news when we are up, it is a bit shocking today.
    But yes it’s gals.

  8. Yes Joseph, and the ignorant liberal Jewish lawmakers helpt give them their political power and now they control free speech and the unions.

  9. You cant compare antisemitic verbal aggression today to what was experienced 30 years ago and dismissing the violence is simply not a Jewish trait, it was traumatic to the victims. Verbal violence can quickly escalate to physical and more. Do we need a repeat of 1992 Crown Heights? Yes this is headlines, Yes it must be dealt with and YES there must be preventative actions taken.

  10. These kind of incidents should be reported to the police. However it should not make the news.
    1- Publicizing it is an overreaction which just gets people nervous.
    2- the publicity of such micro aggressions (like in the case of officer saying stupid Jew) underscores the shock of a “how could this happen to us” attitude which is wrong….don’t forget we are in gallus. Just move on. This hate is unfortunate but it’s a reality of the Jew in gallus. To act in such a shocked manner is only a result of us viewing NYC as Yerushalayim ha’bnuya.

  11. Larence balabus, Maybe because you live in sheltered Lawrence, so you don;t know, but cops won’t do anything. This is why we need things like Shomrim and the JDL.

  12. You folks are a sad lot, that you live in a place and believe it is perfectly acceptable to be yelled at or attacked on the public streets, and your response is to ignore it until the next days attack.
    The people who think this is offensive, both the criminals behavior and their apologist behaviors, have all fled the region and live anywhere from Arizona to the Carolina’s.
    Living this way is only a badge of honor when you’re not actually there. And I see all of these great ads on the sidebar for people to move too.