ANTI-SEMITE WITH A BADGE: NYPD Traffic Cop Says “You STUPID JEW You Can’t Make A Right Turn” [VIDEO]


In a time when anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head both in the city and around the county, it’s painful when it comes from an NYPD Traffic Agent.

A motorist contacted YWN, saying he was on 57th Street and Park Avenue at 6:00PM Tuesday evening, trying to get into the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Due to traffic, the driver was unable to get out of the lane he was in, and attempted to make a turn. At that point, the Agent walked over to the vehicle, took a look at the Orthodox Jewish driver and his passenger, and told them “you can’t make a right turn, you stupid Jew”.

Stunned, the driver parked the car, and the passenger walked over to him with his camera recording and politely asked for his badge number. The Agent refused to give his badge number and instead said: “I didn’t mean what I said, and I apologized to the other gentleman”.

The victim of this anti-Semitic abuse persisted and asked for the badge number again. The Agent again said that he did not mean what he said, refused to give his badge number and walked away.

See the shocking video below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. In my opinion is YWN does who are responsible for the increase in antisemitism. This is Such a stupid story, and he apologized.

  2. Call a black man a Ni***r and get shot, call a Jew anything, and when making sure it never happens again, you are told by other Jews to keep quit.

    NO! I won’t keep quiet. I will not let anti-Semites open their filthy mouths again. i will not be led like sheep to the slaughter. This is Germany 1930. It’s starting. And the STUPID JEWS (yes, I said it) are doing what they did in 1939. KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT.


  3. Thank YWN for exposing this piece of trash. Guaranteed this man is a closet Jew-hater. Let him get away with it once, he will do it again, and again, and again.

  4. Saying “Stupid Jew” and the N word is two totally different things. If you cannot understand the difference then you are just an idiot. I hope nothing serious happens to this cop.

  5. @mylogic37 – “Stupid Jew” is an anti-Semitic slur. You can’t allow a man with a badge to use such slurs. Get real, and just wait until this cop tells your wife she is a stupid Jew, you tough guy.

  6. We’ve all said stupid, offensive things in our lives and then regretted them instantly. You can see on the cop’s face that this is one of those situations. Hope he gets reprimanded and is then able to keep his job. Let’s be forgiving.

  7. Why is this a story
    Most traffic cops I have come across are open anti Semites
    I thought that was a necessary qualifications to get the job

  8. Rabbi Miller tzl said on a tape that I heard , u have to ignore this type of stuff.We are in galus!
    and the officer did look sorry

  9. Thank you very much to YWN for posting and much more thanks to the brave Jewish brother of ours who stood up to this traffic agent of New York City and demanded his badge number for all Jews.

    I see some commentators feeling merciful for what seemed to be a genuine apology. Never forget that had this brave Jew not stood up, no apology would have been given. It is because he knew right then and there his job was either on the line or near to it that he apologized.

    He is sorry for is that he got caught and could face consequences, which certainly wion’t go well for him by losing his job and or pension or more.

    Exposing this to the public is extremely important to inform everone else to immeditely stand up to anyone who dares express any form of anti jewishness to instantly stop it before it grows! To do anything but, is simple apathy in the face of antisemitism, and entirely wrong.

    Stand up and let your voice be heard loud and very clear, all the time to contest even the slightest bit of antisemitism!!

  10. He gets no credit for apologizing when he only does it after he realizes he is bullying a person who can and will file a complaint against him. I bet you it’s not the first Jew he threw slurs at, and it won’t be the last. I would say this guy should lose his job for exhibiting prejudice, but from my experience, many if not most first responders have some sort of prejudice due to all that they see on a daily basis.

  11. That is a “mistake” a cop can not afford to make.
    These are people who are hired to assist and protect regardless of nationality, religion or background. Hateful words like that show an inability to set aside differences.

  12. Iwasborn97
    I can understand why you would think this way. The apparent genuiness of this antisemite wold warm any Jewish heart, even mine. Please for or good do not be fooled. Never forgive nor forget what even the slightest antijewish comments can build into.

  13. We are in galus. The goyim do hate us – it’s an irrefutable fact. Must we bring more hatred upon ourselves? Must we make an issue of everything? So he said it! So what? He apologized and now it’s our turn not to be the stupid Jew! Blowing it out of proportion makes us stupid indeed! Be a big boy and move on!

  14. We apologize to hashem on Yom kipper for all we have done 364 days and this officer apologized on the spot realizing he made a mistake and you can not forgive him? And u expect hashem to forgive you?
    He apologized Toch kedye diber!!!!!
    There is no need to make such a big deal after he felt sorry for what he did!!!!!

  15. Have no idea why people here are saying he apologized so it should be let go.

    It’s pretty obvious the only reason this gentleman apologized is because he is worried about the consequences of his actions. That’s not called sincerity, it’s called trying to cover his but.

  16. he apologized ONLY because he knew he was busted.–he should be forced to go work in Harlem, or the Bronx and deal with gangbangers-he will beg to come back and just have to deal with Jews who make a wrong turn.

  17. Fears of anti-semitism, or not, the cop deserves a reprimand for calling anyone “Stupid”.
    The “Courtesy, Proffessionalism, and Respect” that NYPD prides themselves on, and any official position, cannot call Reprimand is in order.
    After that? If he truly seems sorry, leave it at that.

  18. I do not believe an “apology” suffices for a uniformed officer saying something like that.
    I can’t believe there really are such fools among us that are so quick to absolve him of all guilt. This “officer” said something that indicates very clearly what his feelings towards Jews are. Don’t try splitting hairs. Replace “Jew” with “black” (or of course; Muslim) and we’d have a NATIONAL uproar. In this case, we have foolish JEWS excusing the animal! He “apologized” because he realized he made a tactical mistake, not because he truly regrets his words. One does not change from Anti-Semite to nice guy in an instant.

  19. I’m sure everybody who won’t forgive are perfect individuals who never said anything negative about non-Jews or people of a spefic race or religion.
    I’m sure everybody who won’t forgive him has done a job where you’re literally standing in the streets all day dealing with reckless NY drivers who don’t give a hoot about traffic laws and safety.
    Im also sure that all of you want that when you slip up in the heat of a bad moment and say something stupid, you want the whole world to see it on the internet and judge you regardless of how many times you apologize.

  20. Maybe the Jewish driver objectively did something stupid. Im Jewish too, but being Jewish doesnt make us immune from driving in illegal and dangerous ways that annoy traffic cops. Maybe the Jew should have apologized for the way he drove. I agree this is not a story. Non-stories like this increase a false sense of antisemitism. We have to be careful not to make a chillul Hashem by how we drive and park. We have to remember we represent our nation as a whole.

  21. It says in Pirkei Avos to buy yourself a friend. Complaining about him and trying to get him off of his job won’t help stop anything he resents about Jews. Instead, buy him something nice or see what he needs – buy yourself a friend.

  22. I’ve never said racist things and then immediately “apologized” as though I had tourettes syndrome. And had I done so, I wouldn’t have been told it’s okay to do so.

    And “apologized”? “Apologized” when? When asked for the badge number that he refused to give out. So the guy is anonymous unless someone recognizes him. If he apologized immediately in mid-sentence – maybe. But a job security related apology.

    I used to believe the double-standard was from everyone else. You folks are making it worse.

  23. Mylogic what’s the difference?
    Kolted if they hate us what does stifling their ability to express it accomplish? The hate is still there.

  24. To all those saying if he would have said it about a black or a Muslim it would be a national story.
    What does that prove???
    It would be wrong.
    I’m not even sure it’s anti Semitism
    It’s a directional insult
    He could have said stupid person.
    But if was obviously upset at the driver and the driver was Jewish
    So he made his frustration personal.
    Stupid person in this car who happens to be Jewish. Yes I’m talking to you or driver. = in shorthand, stupid Jew

    Having said that I reiterate my earlier comment that I’m sure he is an anti Semite .
    Just this doesn’t prove it nor show it.
    Don’t make an issue of everything

  25. Why is everything a “news” story. It’s one thing if the cop doubled down, but he apologized and the apology should have been accepted. I’m more turned off by the driver then the officer.
    No need to post this and create more anti semites. Very irresponsible.

  26. A total nothing burger.
    This little kid came back from Orlando and had his little feelings hurt. Poor baby.
    Life in the big City. Get over it.

  27. @kolted, Yes it’s Germany 1930 it’s starting but to say that if you will not be quiet the antisemitism will run away? Do you really think that someone with a racistic ideology will start to love you or just not to hate you because you stand up for your rights? will this help it should never happen again? you really have to be a stupid J.. (NO I will not say it..) to think so as logic and history says the opposite. In 1933 Ch. Weitsman declared war against Germany and boycott of German goods, I believe you know what happened 10 years later in Auschwitz…
    Antisemitism will run after you everywhere in the world as we are in galus and nothing will help to prevent it just have a look at how we are after 71 years of the so-called ”aschaltah degeulah”…
    Just don’t make the non-antisemite for an antisemite and make sure you are not making goyim hate us.

  28. The cop meant it alright. Then he lied by saying he didn’t mean it. Then later he probably went and did it again to another Jewish guy. This cop looks like A.H. himself. This cop could be the next A.H. He will leave his anti semite comments all over the place like little bird droppings. We may think its nothing however it is very significant and we need to fight toilet bowls like these guys. When he gets home his mouth should be cleaned well with pepper and soap. We should do Teshuvah now because A.S. is everywhere.

  29. Let us put this in context.

    A White cop pulled over a Black driver in Iowa. The press claimed the driver did nothing wrong, and it was profiling.
    This is NATIONAL news. One short video that shows nothing has 2.5 MILLION views on the youtubes.

    Another cop last august told a group of Black men that they don’t belong in his city. He was fired. Or at least that’s what the description of the 2 million viewed video says.

    Our YWN article. No national press coverage. No 2 million views (just like ALL of these stories). But somehow, some argue that it is okay. I can only buy this if we believe in total free speech. In that case, I am still offended at the double standard, and a double-standard being perpetuated on this page too! Others should be offended by that double standard too. Either for free speech, or for fair treatment. One of the two has to give.

  30. My fellow yidden: this is merely a symptom of the disease. WE are the disease. Wake up! Hashem is trying to tell us something. We are in golus and are reviled publicly by goyim and we have become complacent in this wonderful country. A commentator implied that we shouldn’t be like sheep and should stand up for ourselves. Does that mean that the kedoshim in the holocaust were sheep? I would say more like korbanos.

    Please let’s look to ourselves and our own actions before we make a big deal out of every anti Jew comment. Stop the lawsuits against everyone and his grandmother who looked at you the wrong way.

    The bottom line is Eisav sonai es Yaakov. That will only change when WE do.

  31. Yomam valayla

    No matter how stupid the driver acted, it is completely unacceptable for a policeman to call him a stupid Jew. If the cop would have just called him stupid, that would have been unprofessional, but it’s understandable that sometimes people make mistakes. However, calling someone a stupid Jew, is Antisemitic, no matter how you look at it.

  32. to mylogic37
    your comment is very illogical
    bh most of the comments here disagree with you. we are living at a most dangerous point in time when antisemitism is rearing its ugly head with multiple episodes reported every day . the past 2 weeks alone we see an uptick in antisemitic acts starting at poway ca, lakewood,williamsburg, flatbush ,crowheights (this morning) the increase and fact that its spread all over the country is the most telling fact that its pure ANTI SEMETISIM its not confined to any specific area
    (we dont even know how many go unreported with people walking around thinking as you do, “oh its nothing and we dont want to make a big deal over nothing”)
    this guy is 100 right to video and post this on social media and facial recognition should be used to identify and this officer be censured and disciplined
    had you agreed if he called him kyke instead of stupid jew thats more like the N word??
    the exact words chosen isnt the issue its the fact he chose to use his religion JEW WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING AN ILLEGAL TURN

  33. Maybe President Trump can hold a chulent and kugel summit with all the parties, similar to when B Hussein Obama held a beer summit with Henry Louis Gates and his arresting cop.

  34. It’s not uncommon for yeshiva kids , little frum kids to talk derogatorily about blacks some times calling them Shwartzes to their face as if they don’t get it. Even worse rabbais who in my yeshiva high school years refered to them as monkey. I don’t think the behavior of this cop should be punished however all he did was carry over the way he talks to his friends about us , and we might be smarter to not carry it over to them most of the time but saying things like that about creatures that God created is disgusting and this should be a mussar. I don’t think there is a person who truly wont judge other cultures , races but somethings are meant to be intimate. I once heard a Rabbai from a major kashrus organization tell a 7 grader that goyim have their noses the a certain way because they eat certain things. Yet saying that Jew noses are long is insulting. Modern school rabbais are more careful about what they say because it wouldn’t be acceptable to their parent body. So let’s start been the light while we also hold antisemites accountable

  35. He is NOT a cop, he is a civilian Traffic Agent employed by the NYPD. Please do not refer to him as a cop or Police Officer. Thank you

  36. Nice little Hitler mustache. Are they by chance related? Guys wake up smell the coffee. This is how it started in Germany. Hopefully rather than accepting his “apology”, the NYPD will take a stand and fire him. That is the only way others will learn that NYC is not the same place Berlin was in the 1930s.

  37. Look at all these Lagerkapos defending him. Would you defend him if he were a crazy muslim, or have yidden just gotten so swept up in this stupid “let’s all love the goyish cops” movement?

  38. True this cop and many other cops are anti semites or to be put more simply look down at Jewish poeple and in a perfect world this wouldn’t happen but let’s take stock for a moment and think about how much we bring upon ourselves. Because we stand out as Jews by our look we have to be extra careful to make sure we are always behaving in a manner that doesn’t give cause for the already antisemite wake up these feelings inside of him. I am not saying in any way that this person did anything wrong but how many times have we done things like illegal uturns, aggressive driving maneuvers etc and although many people do it, we look different and represent all others who look like us. Let’s all together be extra careful to make a kiddish Hashem whenever possible so when a bozo like this sees the good acts more often then not he may subconsciously bury his true feelings in times like this.

  39. While it may not be big news, and may or may not be an exaggeration of a policeman who lost his cool and apologised, what about the fact that the driver who has probably driven that route many times , was making a chilul Hashem and the policeman has seen it time and time again with orthodox Jews. That we be enough to say what he said without it being deep rooted antisemitism

  40. I agree with Joseph. The video doesn’t show the actual comment, but perhaps it was warranted. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to see fellow Jews conduct themselves in the streets, double parking etc etc. Not saying I’m perfect either, but I am not calling him anti-semite just because he made a spontaneous comment. Jews can be “stupid” sometimes for sure that’s the reality.

  41. “Traffic Cop”.
    These traffic agents have a GED and 2 hours training, they’re only traffic agents, because they’re not qualified enough to be janitors.

    what ‘badge’ do you expect them to have even.

    Can we just move on and let him keep his $20,000 job?

  42. i understand that in cases where we have a blatant anti semetic act done toward a jew we should have no tolerance however this traffic cop sits on a street corner for probably 8 hours a day he’s frustrated and his judgment was a bit slurred I don’t think this should cost him his job he should have to apologize publicly and allowed to keep his job furthermore you see this cop clearly deeply regretted what he had said this was a moment of bad judgment we should accept his apology and calm down he’s not a nazi

  43. hacer3927: I agree with you 100%. He apologized which is excellent considering that there are those who have no regret whatsoever.

    People! Remember we are in Golus. Appreciate that he apologized and move on.

  44. I’m sorry I do not see a video of him saying anything other than apologizing to you. For all we know he didnt say anything anti Semitic. Its just some overblown nonsense that gullible people will believe. Ive seen this gentleman many times and he is always a well spoken man. Im Jewish and hes treated me with nothing but respect every day I see him. I believe you are grasping at straws. In a time where anti Semitic hate crimes are on the rise in NY you are just looking to pick fights when there is no reason to. You are going to ruin this mans life and career because you think he said something? Sounds pretty pathetic to me.