WATCH: Interview With Hasidic Jewish Man Viciously Assaulted in Williamsburg


The victim of a recent anti-Semitic hate crime in Williamsburg, Brooklyn spoke exclusively with CBS2’s Lisa Rozner about his harrowing ordeal.

As reported on YWN, the incident occurred last Shabbos at around 1:15AM on Broadway near Lynch Street.

The victim – wearing his Shtreimel and Bekeshe – was confronted by a group of thugs. Without saying a word, one of the men walked up to the victim and punched him in the face. Another suspect added some anti-Semitic slurs at the man including “you (expletive removed) Jew!” and “we hate Jews”.

The suspects remain on the loose.


  1. It is time we got our own people involved. Remember Chaptsem! A few good responses and they will be scared again to start with anyone Jewish.

  2. For everyone nostalgic for Chaptsems, the real ones ain’t coming back. CCTV cameras and cell phones everywhere ensure it will never get resuscitated, despite many people’s wishful thinking.

    And the Taj Peterson saga was the final nail in its coffin.

    So come up with a different solution, or we’re all in trouble.

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    it is hard, its a challenge, yes, we left comfort and fame in beautiful california.
    and yet it is the best best best thing you can do in your life. find the community that is right for you, everyone that you contact will be so happy to help, life is beautiful- not perfect till mashiach coes- but please please leave america and come.
    we are waiting for you !