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New Haven Shomrim Considers Carrying Guns Again

nh shomrim.jpgAccording to a report by News 8, the New Haven Shomrim Patrol may soon be canvassing the streets with guns again.

Folks living in Edgewood Park area say the sound of summer is back. “In this neighborhood we’ve had quite a few of the shootings,” one neighborhood resident told WTNH.

Eli Greer of the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol said that if the city doesn’t assign police bike patrols to the neighborhood that their armed patrols will return.

“The option of re-arming is on the table.  We are reluctant, it’s not the approach we want to take,” Greer said.
Neighborhood residents support the organized patrol, but many would prefer no guns.

For Greer its simple: if officers aren’t there, then he and his group will be back with guns.

The Edgewood Park Defense Patrol has been clear about what it wants, but won’t give a deadline or definite date as to when it might pick up the guns again.

To read all stories posted on YWN regarding the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol (Shomrim), click HERE. To read this story in its entirety, click HERE to be redirected to the WTNH website.

(YWN News Desk / Lipas)

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  1. Sorry to say, but most gun owners I know, are better shooters and better equipted with guns than the cops.. like only cops shooot 41 (dialo) and 50 (bell)

    I dont know why residents are so cowardly.

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