Levaya of HaRav Akiva Stefansky ZATZAL


YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of HaRav Akiva Stefansky ZATZAL, who was the Menahel at Bais Yaakov of Toronto for more than 50 years. He was 93.

For the past few years, the Niftar resided in the United States with his children and grandchildren.

He had a tremendous kesher with many Gedolim, and helped found the Kollel in Toronto.

His children are:

Mrs. Rochel Rabinowitz
Rabbi Nesanel Stefansky
Mrs. Naomi Friedman
Mrs. Shulamis Ehrentreau
Mrs. Rivka Kohn
Mrs. Ruchama Lampert
Mrs. Leah Dovek
Mrs. Raizel Mandelbaum
Mrs. Tirtza Amsel
Rabbi Shmuel Stefansky
Mrs. Miriam Davis
Mrs. Elisheva Levi
Reb Yona Stefansky A”H

The Niftar will be taken to Eretz Yisroel via Kennedy Airport. The Levaya will take place at 2:30 PM at Cargo Area D75, North Hanger Road. Kevura will be on Har Ha’menuchos.

The children will be sitting Shiva tonight in Lakewood at 76 East 9th Street, and the rest of week at the Eherentreu family in Toronto, 525 Coldstream Avenue.

(Source: TLS)


  1. A great man of vision, wisdom, integrity and compassion. He helped to shape Toronto into the Ir V’aim B’Yisroel it is today.
    His Talmidos number in the many thousands and through them, his impact across the world has been remarkable. He will be sorely missed.

  2. A true dedicated eved Hashem. Throughout his successful career in chinuch, he always consulted with Gedolay Hador, starting with Rav Ahron Kotler, then Rav Shach and until now with Rav Chaim shlita, A tremendous Talmid Chochum who was a boki in the writings of the Chasam Soser, z”l, it was indeed a great zchus to have known him close to 50 years.