Ezra Friedlander Advocating For Christine Quinn’s Candidacy In The Orthodox Jewish Community


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ezraLast week, one of Borough Park’s prominent community activists – Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group, took the role of being the first Orthodox Jew to publicly endorse Christine Quinn for mayor. In an Op-Ed on one of the news sites, Ezra explained why he decided to back Quinn for mayor and why the Borough Park community should follow suit.

“For me, the turning point in deciding to write this op-ed was precisely when Speaker Quinn decried the pandering of the other candidates,” Friedlander writes. “It was precisely what she was not promising that convinced me that when she does make a commitment, you can bank on it. I have known Quinn since her earliest days in the New York City Council prior to her becoming speaker and her record exhibits that she is sincere and dependable.”

“What should be most important to you as a voter, is a mayor who empathizes with the constituents. Christine Quinn’s record of public service and not her personal life demonstrates that she has the unique insights to understand the challenges and particular needs of the Orthodox Jewish Community,” Friedlander emphasized.

In an effort to convince voters to be open to Ms. Quinn’s candidacy, Friedlander compared her to the remaining candidates who have been received warmly and are been considered to get to the Mayor’s office. “Politics is not the Bais Medrash. None of the serious mayoral candidates reflect our lifestyle, nor do they have to, in order be effective advocates for our community,” Friedlander writes. Adding, Christine Quinn is the only candidate outstanding as “smart, sensible, stable, strong, and sensitive.”

“When it comes to politics, I always keep the following expression in mind, “Don’t be right, be smart.” I urge you to understand, don’t be right,” Friedlander concludes.

In an interview on the Spin Class radio show I hosted Thursday evening, Mr. Friedlander explained that social issues are not the center of this campaign, since there’s no daylight between all of the ‘reasonable’ candidates, who have a shot at winning, on social issues. Nonetheless, Friedlander believes Ms. Quinn is “a person who has by in large a moderate, middle class approach to governing.”

“Quinn is perceived as more conservative on economic issues,” he added, while pointing out that Bill de Blasio has already promised to raise taxes.

Aren’t you preaching to a deaf crowd, I asked, pointing out to Bob Turner and David Storobin’s stunning victories? “In a citywide race, it is almost impossible for the Orthodox Jewish community to have that kind of influence and the numbers to dictate,” Friedlander responded. Adding, Christine Quinn should get the same consideration as the other mayoral candidates, giving her equal opportunity to stump about her candidacy.

In a rather grilling interview, Assemblyman Dov Hikind mocked Friedlander’s assertion that Ms. Quinn is not pandering, and that her track record is one the Orthodox Jewish community would find as ‘friendly.’


(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. No-one of any normal & moral conscience can vote for a candidate married to the same gender. Period!

    We can have lapses like Mr. Weiner, but Ms. Quinn’s situation is far more repugnant.

  2. As I warned you last week, now is the time to reach for that barf bag!
    Ezrah is a paid employee. He gets paid to represent clients. What do you mean, “he endorses” her? Well of course, he gets paid by her. Ezra represented & LOST with Weprin & Fidler! In both cases he went against Daas Torah! He is going against Daas Torah again & will LOSE again! He should be ignored!

  3. First of all as a participating member and strong advocate for a group of people which the Torah calls an obamination are we permitted to vote for her? This is a group which Hashem says He hates. Can we show her the support when she slaps our G-D in the face?
    And secondly as the main supporter for abolishing term limits for Bloomberg to run again do we want someone who steps on the will of the people who overwhelmingly did not want this tyrant of a mayor to rule again? I don’t think so.

  4. Why isn’t her harsh anti MBP stand important?

    How can she be good to orthodox voters, when she criticized the other candidates for pondering to the orthodox voters.

  5. Last week, one of Borough Park’s prominent community activists – Ezra Friedlander
    first of all what makes you one of Borough Park’s prominent community activists – Ezra Friedlander
    second , in my fifty years of living here , you and all your so called activists have done nothing for the plain people living here , you just make sure that your organisation is well taken care of.

  6. To 147 – not only did Weiner have a “lapse” with his texting, but he had a more permanent one when he decided to marry a Muslim. Unfortunately the choice between the 2 front runners is to “pick your poison”

  7. I dont think it is mutar to vote for either Weiner or Quinn, Weiner is a Jew so his open disregard for moral conduct is a big problem for Jews who care about what the Torah says. Quinn is also an obvious no-no because of her same gender marriage.

  8. This is our problem if there was a general concensus between all orthodox yidden who all need the same things chasidish, yeshivish, sfardim, ashkenazim, lubavitch & modern orthodox (to an extent) spread across the 5 boroughs we’d be useful in choosing a mayor who needs us and therefore cares about our needs but alas that will never happen so here we are a bunch of splinter groups wasting our votes among all the different candidates.

  9. “strong advocate for a group of people which the Torah calls an obamination are we permitted to vote for her?”

    Yes, as proven by the landslide margins by which the Orthodox community voted for Mike Bloomberg.

  10. Quinn is probaby the second most conservative of all the Democratic candidates; I would have no problem voting for her.

    I would never, ever, EVER vote for Weiner.

  11. First of all Anthony Weiner IS NOT JEWISH. His father was Jewish. Secondly, she- Christine Quinn was the ONLY candidate who stands firm about the consent form for a bris. Check it out when she spoke at the mayoral forum at P.S. 194 a few nights ago. Thirdly, do you enjoy parking your car, having to walk to the Muni-Meter, going back to your car, reopening the door and putting a slip of paper on the driver’s side? What about those with small children? What about if it is raining, snowing, an ice-storm?? Well if you enjoy doing this, then be my guest and vote for her. She ram-rodded this through the City Council. Why? Because Mayor Bloomberg wanted it. But as far as I’m concerned ANYBODY BUT QUINN! She is Mayor Bloomberg’s twin!

    Moderators Note: You may find it interesting that Weiner IS jewish. Check this out (from 2010 on YWN): http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=74400