YouTube To Ban Videos That Promote Holocaust Denial, Racism


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YouTube is updating its hate speech policies to prohibit videos with white supremacist and neo-Nazi content.

The video streaming company says it has already made it more difficult to find such videos, but it’s now removing them outright. YouTube will also prohibit videos that deny certain proven events have taken place, such as the Holocaust.

The changes come as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other online services face mounting concern that the platforms allow, and in some cases foster, extremism.

YouTube’s new policies will take effect immediately.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, says it’s removing thousands of channels that violate the new policies.



  1. The danger is when they start quieting down those who doubt things that are not acceptable to doubt. Will the block the word illegal immigrant ?! How about is the wall racist ? Is critiquing gay marriage hateful ? Is a Rabbai talking about mix marriages considered segregating ? Is global warming to be accepted as fact?
    Hopefully the line will not be blurred and be kept to truly hateful things such as nazi content

  2. @justme22 the danger has been realized already, this is a bunch of fake news propagated by YouTube after taking heat from a liberal gay reporter at Vox for not banning Steven Crowder for insulting him while posting a rebuttal to his video. YouTube couldn’t find any rules that he broke, so they need a distraction. the only videos removed and demonetized are conservative commentators.

  3. This bad. Yes, the people who post these videos are evil, but it is their right, just as it’s our right to call them out on it. The moment youtube turns itself into the thought police, free speech is dead, and how long do you think it will take until they ban anything politically incorrect, like videos objecting to the current immoral state of western culture? No long, methinks.

  4. YouTube just banned the educational channel of a history professor who had posted clips of Nazi propaganda. Pretty soon they’ll take down Yad Vashem and others trying to educate us as to the origins of the Holocaust.

  5. They make these proclamations that sound good for business, but in practice not so much. Aside from the slippery slope, you’re talking about an army of unqualified lay-people reading ambiguous guidelines that make these snap decisions to meet some type of productivity metric. Doesn’t matter if it’s bookface, googles, the tweets, contractors, or whomever. It’s not a great method.
    If I could be paid like a headhunter, I’m sure I could find more than they would flag from however they do it now. Tons of weridos out there with not many hits.