AGAIN: Car Takes The Sidewalk On Boro Park Street As Children Are Forced To The Side [WATCH THE VIDEO]


A vehicle once again decided to take the sidewalk in Boro Park. The latest incident happened on Monday at around noon on 51st Street between 15th and 16th Avenue.

A local resident tells YWN that a vehicle was double-parked during alternate side of the street parking, and never came back to move his car, blocking the entire street. Being that traffic began backing up, and the street was blocked, this driver decided to take the sidewalk.

Watch how this driver forces pedestrians – including mothers pushing children in carriages – are forced to move to the side, as the vehicle squeezes between a tree and a fence in front of a building.

There have been multiple incidents in Boro Park with vehicles driving on the sidewalks.

[BORO PARK INSANITY: Driver Takes Sidewalk as Children Exit Bus Into Yeshiva [FULL VIDEO]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Smart Driver I would Do The Same He Did it Very Slowly And Carefully
    These People Who Blocks The Whole Street Really Need To Realize They Are Not The only ones in this world

  2. Sorry but I agree with the driver on this one. You can’t compare the guy who almost hit the kid getting off the bus with this guy. You can see he’s being very cautious as he goes down the street. I would compare this to a broken red light. No one would tell you that you have to wait until they fix the light to go through the intersection. Proceed with caution. In addition how long does it take for the bus to move? 3 minutes maybe. How long was this guy waiting before he went on the sidewalk?

  3. The actual problem which endangers every resident of Boro Park is double parking being the accepted practice during alternate side street cleaning. As any resident knows frequently buses and trucks can’t maneuver around double parked cars when there are cars (many with permits) parked on the no parking side. I have been stuck behind ambulances that ccouldn’t get through and the there is no way fire equipment can dodge the wrongly parked cars.
    In Flatbush the precinct does not tolerate double parking and drivers find blocks to move there cars to where there there is a different street cleaning schedule.
    Driving on the sidewalk is inexcusable as is double parking.

  4. As a Boro Park resident, I totally agree with this driver, as I would do the same thing.
    He was very cautious and did not endanger anyone.
    The jerks that double parks when there is a car parked (wrong or right) on the other side of the street, they are at fault.

  5. To smaidi that’s what it says and I hope everyone uses him. He did nothing wrong. As I wrote above its no different then passing a broken red light. I have done the same a few times. I live near one of the commercial areas in Brooklyn it has a happened a few times that I was blocked in by delivery trucks. I never went down a whole block but a few parking spaces I did. Be very CAReful.

  6. You can’t fault anyone here
    If double parking is accepted during alternate side (which it should be. There is not enough parking as it is in boro park. You expect someone to park three miles from their house so a street cleaner can push some leaves in front of his house sometime withing an hour and a half?????
    Let the city make it five min a block and then you can stop allowing double parking) , then there is nothing wrong with parking there.
    Then the guy forgot. If is human.
    Give a ticket and move on.
    The guy who drove on the sidewalk?
    What should he do?
    If he i s stuck he should wait forever??

  7. There is nothing better than living in a community where people think the world belongs to them.And then this cream that people are anti-somatic

  8. Let me be clear. IT IS NEVER OK TO DRIVE ON THE SIDEWALK. NEVER EVER, PERIOD. You want to drive in your metal boxes you live with what comes with it.

  9. And let me go further. The NYPD should be ticketing and towing cars that double park during ASP. If you do not have a proper place to store your car, you should not own one.

  10. So many supporters of an illegal moving violation, People, dina de malchuta dina!! Just because a car parked illegally and needs to be dealt with as well DOES NOT justify driving on the sidewalk without the clear instructions of a police officer to do so. You can and will lose your license. I understand the frustration but you cant justify it. Would you do that on a driving test? Of course not!! DONT MAKE A CHILLUL HASHEM , we are people who respect the law. The right thing to do is to careful back out of the street and choose another path, or call the police to deal with the double parked car!! We are peaceful law abiding citizens, remember that!!

  11. WgFPD2:
    You clearly don’t live in Brooklyn and have no clue of the impossibility’s of the City’s parking rules and regulations. This has nothing to do with Boro Park and Orthodox Jews. Manhattan is 1000 times worse. If you go on the goyishe websites or blogs, you will see amount of complaining about the archaic absurd parking rules. No politician seriously addresses the parking problem in NYC because it’s a huge cash cow for the City coffers. It’s all about gotcha. It has NOTHING to do with safety or civility.

  12. what a fake news ,
    1. it is possible for someone to get preoccupied and forget to move back his car
    2. a blocked car can wreak havoc going around carefully on the sidewalk is practical and an acceptable option when no choice ( having cars back into the avenues is alot worse ( yiddin are geshikt parctical and get zich an eitza
    3. when you choose to live in a neighborhood , you accept cultural nuances this is one of them ( a minor inconvience for living in an ir vem beyisroel
    4. all the shouters are either very sensitive and view it as bullyish flatbush is no comparison as the streets are 9 feet wider ( most) this has nothing to do w owning the road etc..
    5. the benefits of courtesy double parking on alternate side far outweigh the down side


    Most driveways cross over a sidewalk. The driver MUST drive over THAT piece of sidewalk!

    Why is it ok to drive on THAT sidewalk? Because there is no choice.

    True it is only a small part of sidewalk, but how much sidewalk is allowed for a car to drive on and when is it too much? One “square” of sidewalk, 6 squares, a half block…what made you the authority to decide hwen and how much sidewalk a person may drive on?!

    You yourself drive on sidewalks all the time, yet you holler at others…that is called hypocrisy.

  14. I venture to guess, that all those condemning that unfortunate blocked in driver, do not own a car.
    Otherwise they would understand and not pontificate like that.

    The “Holy” laws of New York City Dept. Of Transportation, we transgressed.

    I guess when Moshiach comes they will demand that he bring a Korban Chatoss. A fat one.