SEE IT: The Moment A Speeding NYPD Vehicle Driving Lights And Sirens Slams Into Vehicle


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The shocking accident occurred this past Friday in Queens, as NYPD Auxiliary officers were flying down Cypress Ave toward Harman Street in Ridgewood at about 5:00PM.

The patrol car, flying with it’s lights and sirens blaring, barrels through an in intersection with a red light, and gets clipped by a white van traveling down Harman, the video shows.

The car skids down the road, slams into another car, jumps the curb and strikes a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk.

The woman suffered life-threatening injuries.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m sure they’ll concoct some story and emergency to excuse why they drove like madmen through a red light. Auxiliary cops don’t usually have emergencies to attend to.

  2. Dumb stupid reckless lowlife donut eaters. Never get in a police officer’s way when it’s time for their lunch/dinner break.

  3. And they did not have their siren running either, contrary to the title. You can hear the officers panting but no blaring siren. How is the van driver supposed to be alerted by them?

  4. Under NYCPD protocols, even regular police officers are not allowed to engage in high speed chases unless or run red lights absent certainty of violent crimes or dangerous felons. Its beyond belief that auxillary cops are authorized to do what was shown in this video. There may be some explaination but certainly not anything evident here.i