Flatbush: ICE Agents On Avenue J & East 15 Street [PHOTOS]


ICE Agents were in Midwood, Tuesday morning. They were seen on Avenue J between East 14th and East 15th Street at around 8:00AM. It is unknown if anyone was arrested.

The raids are part of President Trump’s announced plan to serve papers on an estimated 2,000 families living in the country illegally.

The federal government promised ICE raids this past weekend, and since Saturday morning, raids have been taking place.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said his city would not cooperate with ICE. And Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged New Yorkers needing immigration help to contact the New York State New Americans Hotline.

ICE is also reportedly using social media and facial recognition software on different states’ databases in their search for certain immigrants who have an order of deportation against them.

For U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, picking up people is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and not-always-successful task.

An arrest of just one immigrant often requires days of surveillance.

At the same time, ICE has a limited budget and a shortage of detention space. Also, more and more law enforcement agencies, especially those in big cities, are refusing to help ICE as part of the growing “sanctuary” movement, slowing down the arrests of immigrants even more.

ICE tactics are in the spotlight amid warnings from the Trump administration that it would begin a sweep Sunday in 10 cities against families who are in the country illegally and have been ordered to leave. Trump claimed on Monday that the operation had a successful start, even though there was no sign of a large-scale operation in those cities.

An estimated 11 million people are in the U.S. illegally, including 525,000 who have deportation orders against them and are considered fugitives. Those fugitives include 2,000 people who recently came as families and are targets of the operation that was expected to begin Sunday.

ICE operations that zero in on people with criminal convictions in the U.S. result in about 30% of targets being arrested, plus an unknown number of non-targets, or “collaterals,” who are also swept up, ICE officials said. ICE operations against families have proved even less successful, capturing only about 10 percent of the targets, ICE acting Director Matthew Albence said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


  1. “Mayor Bill de Blasio has said his city would not cooperate with ICE.” And anyone who needs his help can look him up at his Iowa or North Carolina address and he’ll get back to you after November of 2020.

  2. So Mayor DeBlasio is encouraging us to disregard and break our governments laws. Okay. So do I get to pick and choose which laws I’m going to follow? The first thing I choose is not to pay my taxes. Why should I have to work hard only to pay Jerrold Nadler’s salary?
    And this anarchist wants to be President?!

  3. Why do the numbers of people living illegally in the country go down for over 20 years while the number of people entering the country keep going up? Take a drive from coast to coast every year for 20 years, and tell me that the 11 million number that keeps getting lower is correct. If this was the case, this whole sanctuary city garbage would’ve been the big political talking point back even before 9/11. And I questioned it back then when it wasn’t so blunt and obivous.

  4. I’m sure everyone thinks its funny that an undocumented woman raising two kids and attempting to earn a parnassah by cleaning up the troll’s trash is detained by ICE and is facing deportation.

  5. They were looking for the men who work in the produce stores, deliver your groceries and for the women who clean your houses and possibly for some Israelis who have overstayed their visas.

  6. We residents of Midwood can help bring the individual agents to justice! — in the tribunals that will eventually take place under either UN or US auspices under a future US administration

    Keep an eye out, TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEO OF ANY AGENTS YOU HAPPEN TO SEE. If you’ve got the stomach for it, even get close enough to see their name badges (if they wear any) and/or engage them in conversation.

    Take advantage of your white privilege to compile legal evidence that could be in time used to prosecute agents of ICE and other government agencies who participate in crimes against humanity such as the border detention facilities/child abduction centers/internment camps.

    After all: the intended victims of these raids and related persecutions can’t dare interact with the perps in any way to create vital legal evidence… BUT WE CAN, and very likely with no consequences to ourselves unless we actively interfere with the agents (which is not what I am advising).

    Any details at all that you are able to learn about these agents — their physical description, facial features, the office where they are based, whether they traveled to NY from a different region, even the sound of their voice — can aid in identifying individual, on-the-ground actors in the ongoing human rights abuses that are playing out near our southern border… but also elsewhere (even in Brooklyn!)

    You will be serving your country by collecting potentially valuable legal evidence that might be difficult or impossible for investigators to assemble later, at the point when tribunals come together to hold the agents accountable for their crimes.

  7. About freaking time. You want to come into this country no problem. Come in legally. You trespass the boarder it should be expected you’ll be deported. Enough is enough and anybody who doesn’t like it can leave this country as well.

  8. Tikkuner, you have to be a troll. There is no way you can actually believe what you’re writing. They are rounding up people who have been ordered deported by judges, after the whole appeals process has played out.

    What do you suggest be done with people who came here illegally and ordered deported? Should every person on earth ne allowed to come here, undocumented, and have access to social services paid for by tax paying citizens? How high would you like your taxes to go? Do you think the US is rich enough to feed, house, educate and medically treat the entire population of the world??

  9. Tikuner, what you are calling for is a crime. If you ever try to set up these “tribunals” you describe, or to have the UN infringe on US sovereignty, the patriotic citizens of the USA will rise up and kill you and your entire gang of vicious communist thugs.

  10. Gadolhadorah, I don’t think it’s funny, but I value that the law is being enforced. Law enforcement doesn’t play out like a happy-go-lucky Hollywood movie ending or decisions solely based on emotions.

  11. isnt it illegal to interfere with a federal investigation?
    and mr Tikkuner why do you want to bring the agents to justice more than the ILLEGAL TRESSPASSERS

  12. They didn’t get Joseph. I guess they aren’t looking to pick up trouble makers and rabble rousers. Just his (probably underpaid & overworked) cleaning lady.

  13. mmyhs, it is illegal to interfere with the arrests. But tikkuner isn’t calling on anyone to do that. Rather, he’s calling on people to get the enforcing officers’ names, badge numbers, photos, and to threaten them with future retaliation for doing their duty. Tikkuner wants us to persuade the officers to neglect their duty for fear that they and their families will be harassed and made miserable, that they won’t be able to go anywhere without being screamed at, and that one day some tyrannical “revolutionary people’s tribunal” will put them against a wall. This is disgusting, but legal. The first amendment protects tikkuner’s right to advocate such tactics, and even to engage in them. It’s illegal to directly threaten imminent violence, but he isn’t doing that. So all we can do to him and his fellow SJWs is show him how we despise them.

    BTW, from his name I assume he is one of those amhoratzim who thinks that “tikkun olam” is a principle of Judaism. It is not. It is in fact an invention that Reform imported from Xianity, and is completely unknown to Judaism. There are similar terms used in halacha, but they don’t mean anything like what “tikkun olam” means, and they are at best trivial references, not religious principles. Anytime you hear someone talk of “tikkun olam”, they are preaching a false religion.