DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT: Hasidic Man Sues McDonald’s; Was Told To Shave Beard To Get Job


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This past Wednesday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the owners of a McDonald’s restaurant near Orlando, claiming managers violated a Hasidic man’s rights.

The EEOC is the Federal agency charged with ensuring that discrimination does not take place in the workplace. The suit is based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits religious discrimination and requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees and potential employees.

The lawsuit claims that the unnamed man was told that in order to be hired, he had to shave his beard. He told managers that he was a Hasidic Jew and was not allowed to shave it. Many Hasidic Jews follow the opinion of the AriZal who writes that one should not even cut a beard with a scissors.

The suit claims the man applied to work at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 900 W. State Road 434 in Longwood in September of 2016.

The EEOC said the manager allegedly told the man, that he had the job, but would need to shave his beard to be in compliance with “McDonald’s grooming and appearance policy.”

According to the lawsuit, that policy reads: “All employees must be completely clean shaven.”

The manager said, “he could not hire him because doing so would violate McDonald’s policies and the law,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the man “explained that he could not shave his beard because of his religious beliefs,” and “offered to wear a beard net.”

Whether there is an issue of maaris ayin, appearance of halakhic impropriety, in working in a McDonalds is another story; [and Rabbi Yair Hoffman will be writing an article for YWN regarding that].

The lawsuit is seeking wages for the man in the amount of the three years since he applied.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Something doesn’t add up. A chassidic guy trying to get a job at McDonalds in Orlando where there is no Chassidic community?

  2. I thing his claim is bogus. It is against halochah for a Jew to serve or work in non-kosher restaurant . I know one case where a bocher who did not get permission to work for Uber-eats delivery from a very reputable Rov, barbecue he may serve unknowingly none-kosher food to a Jew.

  3. No Way ! Just order a blek coffee and move on ! Chassids aren’t employable at treif restaurants ! Don’t give the fake guy a penny until he ceases up that he wants tzedaka !
    Maybe Ronald has some help for them !
    Try Applebee’s, Olive Tree, Jack in The Box, Burger King, etc.
    Same Story
    Come to the state of Israel if your dream job is at McDonalds and your a religious Jew !
    Frikkin waste of time and a chilul hashem !
    PS don’t hit on the young shiksa’s

  4. Neville, there is a Chasidic Community. There are 4 Chabad Houses in the Orlando area, I visit there regularly and there are many bearded folk.

    That said, the name of the guy sounds Islamic. I bet it’s an Arab who thought he can do better by pulling the Jew card.

  5. Working at McDonalds doesn’t automatically mean you will be flipping burgers. Perhaps this was a job opening for bookkeeping, doing PR or marketing, or a finance related role within the restaurant. Why would he want to work at a non-kosher restaurant? Unlike kosher restaurants, he will likely receive medical benefits, 401K, and PTO days with a large corporation.

  6. I agree with those who say something doesn’t add up in this story. Was his whole intent perhaps to bring a lawsuit and make some money that way?

  7. rt,
    I agree with those who say something doesn’t add up in this story. Was his whole intent perhaps to bring a lawsuit and make some money that way?
    I think actually eating the treif basar bechalav is easier to do teshuva for than to negatively impune a fellow kid. Hatzlocha on your teshuva journey when ever you are ready to embark on it.

  8. Do not be fooled.

    The fellow, Morteza Javadi, is of Iranian background evidently.

    It is unclear/questionable if he is Jewish at all in terms of his heritage.

    In terms of his present practice it appears he is some type of Hebrew Christian, or the founder of a new religion. Just because he wears Na Nach Nachman headgear at times (seen in his youtube videos) doesn’t mean he is Hasidic. He is affiliated with “Mahi Ministries” of Kansas City, MO.

    He may just be trying to milk McDonald’s for some $ to fund his activities. His beef ain’t our beef, we have no beef with Mickey D!

    We have no part of it.

  9. I bet there are a lot of businesses who won’t hire you if you have a beard. And don’t get me started about how Saturday became the most important day of the week, either at a mall, or working in an office or insurance agency.
    It might be nice to have some federal precedent to cut out this garbage. Might help the process of getting more baalei teshuva if more people were ALLOWED to be one.

  10. Truly maybe he wanted to work as a bookeeper . ordering, janitor? And who said local stores has an opening? The benefits of big companies are huge, I’ve been there: best medical insurance and bonuses, dont ask. Please be dan lkaf zchus