State Trooper SUV, Ambulance, Food Truck Among Vehicles Involved In Monster Wreck On New Jersey Highway


The following is via NBC:

At least a half-dozen vehicles, including a state police SUV, an ambulance and a fire engine, appear to have been involved in a huge wreck in New Jersey, based on footage of the scene from Chopper 4.

Emergency crews responded en masse to Interstate 280, near exit 9, in West Orange after a call about the accident came in shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday. New Jersey State Police said that two troopers were outside their patrol cars investigating an earlier crash on the eastbound side of the highway when the dump truck came barreling in and hit both of them. Both were taken to a hospital. No serious injuries were reported, state police said.

The chain of events remains under investigation and isn’t clear at this time. Video from the scene showed multiple mangled vehicles. A dump truck appeared on top of a silver SUV, crushing the back of that car. The front of the truck smashed into an ambulance, which then smashed into the back of a fire truck.

A police SUV was seen half-demolished, while a yellow food truck sat unmoving in the middle of the highway. Nearby, a silver van with a ladder atop it sat spun around the wrong way in the middle of the highway, its center caved inward.

The accident scene appeared to stretch, with more damaged vehicles visible as Chopper 4 panned further down the road.

There was no immediate information on a possible cause for either accident. The highway appeared totally shut down in both directions in the area.

(Source: NBC)