Jewish Family Escapes Serious Injury After Vehicle Overturns On Ramp From Garden State Pkwy To NYS Thruway [PHOTOS]


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A Jewish family was injured after the vehicle they were travelling in overturned near Monsey, Thursday evening.

It happened on the off ramp from the Garden State Parkway heading onto the NYS Thruway at around 6:45PM.

Monsey Hatzolah and local EMS responded to the scene and treated the victims.

Five children were in stable condition, while their mother suffered moderate injuries.

She was rushed by Hatzolah to the Westchester Trauma Center in Valhalla.

Sources tell YWN that it was miraculous that the injuries were not worse.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. There are far too many accidents during the holiday season R”L. Perhaps it’s time to shorten school holidays.
    In Israel and Europe they also manage with just 4-5 weeks or even less.
    One American Mechanech once commented: by the time children come back from holidays they have forgotten what they’ve learned before.
    Shorter holidays would benefit all save the camp directors.

  2. All these roll over accidents are with mini vans. Perhaps they should be redesigned to prevent such things from happening. Also people should learn to drive safer.

  3. 147; Unfortunately you are correct. Instead of using this to warn people to slow down on curves, it’s just reported matter of factly as if it was a rear end collision due to a sudden stop.

  4. 147, perhaps you don’t live near Monsey and are not familiar with the area.
    The ramp leading from the Garden State Parkway to the (northbound) Thruway does feature an extremely sharp curve, the kind not normally found on such roads.
    Perhaps the driver wasn’t familiar with the area and wasn’t expecting such a curve.