New Wedding Hall for Five Towns Residents Open in September


Travelling to Brooklyn or to Lakewood for a wedding can be a true test of friendship for many Five Towns residents. For years, people have been dreaming of a venue in which to make a wedding – conveniently located to the Five Towns. This dream is now a reality.

Ateres Sara/Fountain Manor is a new 500 person capacity venue that is conveniently located 40 minutes from Brooklyn and within 20 minutes from both Queens and the Five Towns.

“This hall is the up and coming go-to simcha hall for our community and it is beautiful,” remarked Karen Polsky. “We just booked the hall and we are very excited.”

The hall has a huge grand ballroom, a separate Chuppah room, and a very large separate chosson’s tisch. There is no need for the typical moving of tables that occurs at some of the Brooklyn or Lakewood venues.

Avrumi Lieberman of Flatbush, after seeing the venue, remarked, “This is not just a boon for Five Towns people – Brooklyn residents can also take advantage of Ateres Sara.  By the time you get your car from a valet place in Brooklyn, you could have been home already.  It took me 37 minutes to get there from Brooklyn – during a time where I would have expected traffic.  And it is beautiful!”

It is elegant, spacious and luxurious,” said Nan Monczyk, a mother who recently booked the hall.  “The Chuppah is also quite regal – befitting of a queen – which is what a kallah is all about on her wedding day.”

In addition, the grand ballroom has high ceilings and a very large dance floor.  It is also available for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Visit the website at

If you are interested in the availability of a specific date please contact by email [email protected]  Include contact information (name, cell phone, email, etc) and the date or range of dates you are interested in.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. ich farshtey nisht. vehr in de 5 towns macht a chassunah mit nohr 500 mentchen?? doez iz a oyni she’beaniyim!! meh darf em geben tzeddukah az ehr ken machen a normale chasunah. nisht vaynikar fun 600 mentchen, echter sushi and gitte single malt bronfen.

  2. to silentmoish: Do you recall the words of America’s famous banker and secret Jew, JP Morgan, who said to someone admiring his yacht and wanted to buy one for himself: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.