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US Envoy Tells CNN: Myanmar Death Toll May Top 100,000

cycl 3.jpgThe death toll from the cyclone in Myanmar, Thailand may exceed 100,000, the senior U.S. diplomat in the military-ruled country – told CNN Wednesday.

“The information we are receiving indicates over 100,000 deaths,” the U.S. Charge D’Affaires in Yangon, Shari Villarosa, said. The U.S. figure is almost five times more than the 22,000 the Myanmar government has estimated.

Little aid has reached the area since Cyclone Nargis hit last weekend, and on Wednesday crowds of hungry survivors stormed reopened shops in the devastated area.

(Source: AP)

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  1. I don’t know why YWN keeps saying Myanmar, Thailand, its not part of Thailand. It is the former Burma, a neighboring country. Wasn’t anyone but me around during the Vietnam war? 🙂

  2. Ah Himel Geshrei!

    When HaShem sends catastrophe to the world, it’s only because of us. It’s a wake up call to Klal Yisroel.

  3. Let’s learn some English/math: 100,000 is “almost 5 times as much as 22,000” (or “almost 4 times more than 22,000”).

  4. if 100000 were killed then why dont they let red cross and other foundations into their country all they keep on asking for is money they never had a body count. WHY?! because in reality there wasnt that many people killed, the more people they say died the more cash they’ll get

  5. #4, 22,000 x 4 = 88,000. 22,000 x 5 = 110,000! It’s actually closer to 5x than 4x. While the grammer correction is accurate, it actually should say “Almost 5 times more than…” Or if you want to stick with 4, it should say, “MORE than 4 times the 22,000….!” Let’s do the math before we are so quick to criticize!

  6. Was this Prez Bush’s fault too?

    Lets wait for the “final” numbers to come out before we predict millions dead. Remember the egg on the face of the press after New Orleans? Which reminds me, why didnt “Chocolate Mayor” use the busses as well as the other resources to move the people out?

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