San Antonio, TX: Jew Haters Attack Man Near Synagogue


news4 pic.jpgA man says a group of teenagers threatened to kill him while he was on his way to pray at synagogue – all because he’s Jewish.

Ande Mass told WAOI (News4), that the group approached him and verbally abused him – using various anti-Semitic slurs. “You dirty Jew, expletives, and we hate Jews and we’re gonna kill you, Jew.”

Mr. Mass says he was walking to the synagogue along Blanco Road when the teens parked their SUV and got out. After hearing their threats, he picked up a rock and yelled back.
“I just took a defensive posture and told them the first one that comes closest is getting the rock right in their head because I had to defend myself,” Mass told WAOI.

Mass says the teens got back in their SUV, and nearly ran him over when they left.

The FBI and local police are investigating the incident.