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WILD VIDEO: Jewish Real Estate Company Finds Stolen Lamborghini Worth $700K In Their Own Garage!

A Jewish real estate development in Newark, NJ,  had the shock of their life on Thursday morning, when they found a stolen vehicle worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sources tell YWN that an employee of the “Newark Interfaith Group” needed to get something from a garage behind a home under construction, and opened the door to find a bright yellow Lamborghini SVJ — worth approximately $700,000 parked inside.

They noticed a sticker with an Instagram account on the car, and soon read on that account, that the vehicle had been stolen a few days ago.

The Newark Police was called, and the vehicle was confirmed to be a stolen vehicle, and was taken away on a tow truck.

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Video below is footage of the car minutes after it was found, and video below is the car being stolen:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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