BORO PARK INSANITY: Cars Take Sidewalk Due to Double-Parked Cars [WATCH THE VIDEO]


The attached video was taken on Thursday morning on 57 Street between 15th and 16th Avenues, in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn.

As the viewer will see, it is “alternate side parking” today on that street, and the cars simply double park to allow the street sweepers to come by. But some cars do not move, and stay parked illegally. This forced many cars to take the sidewalk as a bus was stuck on the block.

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Watch the video below captured by a local resident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The insanity is that the police overlook the double parking as a courtesy. School buses, trucks and ambulances have a hard time getting through. In the neighboring 70th precinct which covers Flatbush and Midwood double parking for alternate side street cleaning is not tolerated. People find places to park and traffic flows.
    Will it take the loss of lives due to a delayed NYFD or Hatzolah response to end this dangerous practice?

  2. If someone wants to get a fine for not moving his car, that is his perogative. But for people to be too lazy to find a spot due to alternate side, and instead box other people in, that’s just disgusting. You are the ones inconveniencing others.

  3. It’s not nice, and possibly dangerous, but not insane. What is truly insane is the entire alternate side parking foolishness. It is scarcely about cleaning the streets. It is a fund raiser. The ticketing agents are far more reliable than the sweepers. There have been days when the trucks never came on my block, and tickets were issued just the same. Until Guiliani, they would ticket parkers who took their spots after the sweeper truck went through. Until Guiliani, there was no 5-minute window. Even the hydrants are less about safety than raising money. There are still hundreds of pumps that are not attached to water pipes at all and cannot be used to fight a fire. But the parking tickets still generate revenue. Guiliani used to “fix” those illegitimate tickets himself.

    Bloomberg hated cars and driving, and made a major mission of his administrations to penalize drivers wherever he could. One of his first mayoral acts was to double all parking violation fines. he then made bike lanes where they were unwanted by the residents, and made steep fines for driving into any of them.

    We are tired of the insanity. I would okay the sidewalk thing if it can be managed safely, and would be willing for proposals how to do that. Not the school thing – that was criminal and dangerous.

  4. None of our sleazy representatives will ever attempt to get rid of alternate sides. It’s a cash cow for the City. It brings in revenue. It gives the donut eaters something active to do. It helps pay the salary of our hardworking Councilmen, Assembly men, State Senators, etc… Just like Vision Zero has NOTHING to do with safety, Alternate sides has NOTHING to do with street cleaning! IT’S ALL ABOUT GOTCHA! How can we beat down the taxpayers and make their lives miserable. How can we be like mosquitos and cause needles pain to our constituents. Then the Chachomim wonder why NY has the highest rate in the Nation of people fleeing their State.

  5. Absolutely nothing wrong. Just proceed with caution. Some people will try to compare this to the incident before the summer where a guy went on the sidewalk to go around a school bus. First of all, there he wasn’t careful and almost hit a child. Second, it takes a bus 3 to at most 5 minutes to unload. Here no one knows how long they will be stuck. I live near a commercial area. I would say at least once a month I get blocked in by a truck or van. Usually, the driver is nearby, but more than once I had to go on the sidewalk to get to be able to get to work on time or to my shiur. I am careful if I have to do this.

  6. Just because a car did not move does not mean it is parked illegally. Not every vehicle is legally required to move because of alternate side parking. a vehicle with a handicap permit is not required to move as well as vehicles with many other permits.

    Those who wish to double park and rely on the the unwritten courtesy given by ticketing agents may do so- but they need to take into account the vehicles which did not move.

  7. I work in NJ. The city has metermaids in their little cars driving right in front of sweeper trucks. If your car is parked in its way, they ticket you instantly. And then they drive around you and continue sweeping.

  8. ” CONTEXT” is key to judging actions; proceed with caution is what makes sense. nothing insane, yidden are the most efficient nation in the world . right solution- lechatchila ariber

  9. Alternate side parking does have other benefits besides street cleaning. I live in a commercial area. Within a two-block radius of my house, there are 5 mechanics, 2 car services and other businesses that hog parking spaces. Alternate parking forces them to give up the spots at least twice a week. I have an elderly neighbor who moves her car twice a week to do her errands. She always manages to get back in time to get a parking space on the block. If I ever have to make a doctors appointment for myself or my parents, I find out the alternate times in that area and I make an appointment for a time when alt parking is ending. Con Edison and other utilities try to schedule work (at least tho start) on alt days so they don’t have to beg people to move their cars.

  10. Many Boro Park. drivers double park evetwhere everyday!
    I often go to 49-50th Street and 14th. Cars are doubled parked on both sides and buses and cars cannot get through. It can take 15-20 minutes to navigate in a car. Car horns are blazing and the owners of the cars are no where in sight.
    The police should intervene. Tickets should be given to stop these inconsiderate and haughty drivers.
    This is very dangerous and a Chilul Hashem!

    These drivers do not care and leave their cars.

  11. it seems that this happens most often in Jewish neighborhoods. either excess wealth and more cars or an iz kimt mir attitude. a hillul haShem in either case.

  12. This is “insanity”? I would argue that this is the norm. Impromptu parades, double and triple parking, nearly no traffic laws obeyed. Just another day in Borough Park. Nothing to see, keep moving.

  13. Double parking is a brooklyn machlah. NO where else in the world do people double park like they do in Brooklyn. It’s awful and extremely inconsiderate. I wish the police would start to tow cars that are double parked. That would stop some of the insanity!


  14. This happens on my block a great deal. Although, a car has a handicap permit he should be required to move. First, so that buses can get thru, and second so that the sweeper truck can clean. Boro Park is very dirty. Homeowners, need to take responsibility and sweep in front of their houses.
    I call to the young frum officials whom we voted into office to take care of these two matters, the double parking and the cleaning up of Boro Park

  15. lets be real. theres no room in boro park. to those people are to lazy to find a space, do you even know what your talking about? there IS NO SPACE. thats why i was happy to move out, and every time i go back for a simcha or visit i dread it.