Get Izzy & Dizzy Collecting Cards FREE for Teacher’s, Rebbeim, Avos I’banim and Tehilim Groups


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The past year, “Izzy & Dizzy”, a kids Toy Company that creates and sells exciting and fun toys based on Chanukah themes, was in the works to create an exciting and fun ‘Kids Trading Card Collection’ where the kids all ages will gain interesting and thought provoking ‘fun facts’ such as how certain toys are manufactured, how chemicals react to certain materials and their reactions, statistics, ideas and so on. We also had a professional artist draw fun and interesting drawings based on the characters from Izzy & Dizzy and the fun facts.

We are excited to finally announce that the Izzy & Dizzy cards are now available in all stores near you for purchase.

The Izzy & Dizzy cards have a total of 62 collectable cards with 5 top rare cards. It is sold as a 5 pack.

Children who collect all 62 cards automatically receive a free Izzy & Dizzy Collectors wallet and all children who collect ANY cards can enter free raffles on our awesome fun kids Hotline 718-663-0222

Now for a limited time the cards will be given FREE for Teacher’s, Rebbeim, Avos I’banim and Tehilim groups. To get them in Lakewood please send a text to 848-373-4043 or email [email protected]