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Photo Essay: Siyum Hashas 2020 MetLife – Album 10 (Photos By Agudath Israel)

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  1. my daughter is on there what are you thinking? meshugane take it off the antithesis of what the real yeshiva world does being machshil the rabim especially the ones who have filters

  2. why the flip are we posting pictures of woman on this site this is so wrong and there will be a day of judgment one day for this .

  3. Did you ask for a psak from a Ruv before posting these untzniusdik pictures? Do you know better than other Jewish media who are machmir not to post pictures of womens? Did these womens give permission to be looked at by thousands of men online? Don’t you realize that this is a slippery slope? For the sake of your readers, I would take down this pritzus soon.

  4. annoyed, skops, Sugya25, and Yankelle…. then I guess YWN is not the site for you. If pictures of women attending a siyum make you uncomfortable then I’d suggest a therapist; I know several whom are frum. If you are married, I’d also recommend a marriage therapist to help work through your issues including immaturity, trust issues, and potential intimacy problems . Until then, please consider removing yourselves from this website. Kudos to YWN for showing all who participated in this wonderful event.
    skops- can you tell me what ill judgement Hashem will have on us because of those pictures? I’d like to know so that I can prepare.

  5. TGIShabbos. A couple of things to bear in mind: 1) Nefesh Hachaim- “One who has inappropriate thoughts about a Jewish married woman for one second has done more damage to the the universe than Titus horsoho who defiled the kodesh kodshim….
    2) I had a chavrusoh who was a doctor- I asked him “In my opinion- concerning pictures of women on the internet- if you look you are a roshoh, if you don’t look you need a doctor…..Am I right?” He replied “You’re not 100% right -you are 1000% right!”
    – So I guess you are the one who needs a doctor TGIShabbos……..

  6. כל כבודה בת מלך פנימה Now thanks to tyw, woman will need to consider not attending such events even with a mechtza.

  7. TGIShabbos – Why do you think this is matter of being uncomfortable? I think the answer to you is kol Haposel Bimumo posel.
    According to the Halucha It is %100 percent forbidden to look at pictures of women! what don’t you understand?

  8. Maybe I’m right, maybe not. I think that it has never been an issue for Jewish Women’s faces to be visible. It is other religions that require covering of the face. I think this event bypasses the problems we avoid when we routinely limit the presentation of photos of women in our newspapers. These women are bundled up in bulky coats – there is nothing even remotely attracting here. I do wonder, though, how did the daavening situation work. For daavening there must always be a mechitza. Halachically, the mechitza CAN be simply a different LEVEL. (I’m not sure how much higher it has to be). Still, did any of the men at the siyum feel that they were daavening formally without a mechitza?

  9. @Tgisshabbos if it doesn’t bother you then that shows how far we as jewish ppl have gone, I never Said there’s something wrong with pics of woman i think pics of woman are for woman, The prob is That YWN Posted it on a public So called jewish website where ppl with filters allow this website to work not realizing what it really is, asleast switch the name of the website so jewish ppl wont come to it … Hamaivin Yovin …

  10. If any man who holds its asur to look at these pictures because they are pictures of women I should not be seeing your comments on this page. If you don’t want to look at pictures of perfectly tznius women at an incredible simcha for all of klal Yisroel you should not have opened the article to begin with.

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