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You can Help Yaakov get to Yeshiva

Yaakov is a 26-year-old בחור suffering from a debilitating illness called Muscular Dystrophy.  Muscular Dystrophy is a devastating disease that causes the deterioration of the muscular tissue resulting in limited mobility and function.  Yaakov is wheelchair bound with paralysis affecting his entire body leaving him with just limited use of his fingers and neck.  Yaakov is attended to by round the clock nurses as well as his devoted parents whose lives revolve around his care and his needs.  Sadly, within the last few years Yaakov lost a brother to the same illness, and a sister to a similar disease.  Yaakov’s life is one filled with so much struggle and pain, but that has not diminished is aspirations for true growth in torah and yiras shamayim.  On a portable respirator and trache, Yaakov attends yeshiva everyday where he learns two sedorim a day with every bit of strength he can muster.  With every excuse not to be in front of his gemara Yaakov searches for every opportunity to further his shtieging painstakingly writing down every shiur and pursuing the sugya with utmost hasmada in rishonim and achronim, because for Yaakov לולי תורתך שעשעי אז אבדתי בעניי


However, the van that is used to transport Yaakov has recently broken down beyond repair and his family has no means of transporting him to and from yeshiva or to run their errands without relying on various tzedakah organizations.  Yaakov’s rebbeim and friends have undertaken the task of raising the funds for a new van to aid this special family who deals with so much difficulty.  Please respond generously in this rush campaign so that we can help them as soon as possible.


Haskama from Rabbi Wolmark:

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