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IAF Jets Were Moments Away From Shooting Tony Blair’s Airplane

iaf1.jpgFormer British PM Tony Blair was moments from death after two Israeli fighter jets threatened to shoot his plane out of the sky, This London UK reports. The former Prime Minister was on board a private plane on Monday taking him to a Middle East conference when the war jets were scrambled.

It was only after the two warplanes had taken up an attack position that his aircrew radioed to explain who they were and who was aboard.

The intercepting aircraft then peeled off and returned to base.

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  1. Written by someone in the field of aviation: 1) the IAF would certainly know to expect Blair’s plane — and all this stuff is being tracked on radar — it’s not like there are surprises — and especially for a VIP. 2. There are standard intercept protocols if there are radio communicateion failures or airspace intrusion. Any general aviation pilot knows that if one sees a military plane on one’s flank, one tunes to a common frequency to talk with that aircraft.

    If the radios fail, (a rather unlikely scenario in Mr. Blair’s plane), then the escort rocks it’s wings which means “follow me”. Any pilot with half a brain will follow. If that fails after a few attempts, the escort may fire a warning shot in front of the aircraft being tailed. And as a last resort, if all fails, and if it is deemed that the intruding aircraft could pose a threat, it can be shot down — but those are extreme circumstances.

  2. Thank G-d they didn’t shoot him down, because, in addition to the loss of life, it would have been a major “international incident”.

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