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Tomchei Tzedakas Issues Alert For Residents of Lakewood

pushka.jpg[UPDATE IN EXTENDED STORY] 12:16AM EST: The following alert was issued by Lakewood’s Tomchei Tzedakos: Two people are collecting in Lakewood (without an “Ishur”) posing as Nodvorner Rav/Chasidim, and collecting for Yeshivas Bais Yisroel. We think they are frauds. Please contact us immediately if you meet them by calling Tomchei Tzedakos 732-367-7770

UPDATE 11:48PM EST: The following updated alert has been released this evening by Tomchei Tzedakos: These two people have managed to get large amounts of money from many people. They have swindled Almanos and Yesomim. If they come to you please call the above number ASAP, and stall them as much as possible until Shomrim gets there. If they leave your house, please try to follow them or at least get the color, make and model of their car. (Sometimes he claims to be a Mattesdorfer Rav.)

(Source: Voice Of Lakewood)

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  1. “we THINK they are frauds?” Perhaps “anyone collecting funds without an ishur may be suspect. If you want to check anyone further, call us at . . . ” would have been a better choice of words. The language used is probably 100% asur.

  2. shuali – retroatively it’s not assur, since they were in fact frauds, but you’re right that the langauge would have otherwise been assur(not that im paskening)

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