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NYPD Officer Slashed In Chinatown, Kills Attacker

nypd25.gifAn NYPD detective was stabbed on Baxter St near Canal Street, in the Chinatown section of Manhattan at about 10:30PM Wednesday, multiple media outlets are reporting.

According to a YWN reporter who was live on the scene when NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly spoke to the press, an off-duty Detective was talking to a woman in front of a building when two men approached her.

The two men slashed the detective and the woman (who has not been identified) with some type of razor, and then fled the scene.

The NYPD Detective, who has been named as Martin Carrano pulled out his weapon, and fired rounds at both men. One was killed, while the other man is in stable condition at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

The officer and the woman are both being treated for non life threatening injuries at Bellevue Hospital.

Commissioner Kelly said that Detective Carrano fired 10 rounds, and a breathalyzer test showed the officer to be 100% sober.

Additional details were expected to be released in the morning.

(YWN Desk)

8 Responses

  1. 10 shots, only 1 killed? This cop needs to visit the range more often.
    But at least one dirtbag got what he deserved. Rest in pieces!

  2. YeshivaRodefKesef, Stop
    watching movies and go to a range
    and try it.. actually pay a guy to kill
    you and then try shooting that accurately.

    Anyway Great Job..

  3. The more I hear about this story via the mainstream media, I am convinced there is something more here than what meets the eye. This cop seems to be the cashier’s “friend”.

  4. to yeshivarodefkesef

    lets see YOU shooting one fleeing “dirtbag”
    while your lying on the floor, doubled over in pain, not knowing what hit you, blood gush- ok, i’ll stop.
    I hope you get the hint.

    “Hevey dan es kol adam lekaf zechus”
    (agav the rishonim hold that a goi does not have a din of a “adam”…your a yeshiva guy, you should know)

  5. Thank you officer Carrano,
    We wish you a full and speedy recovery from you injuries. Mishe’berach…

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