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Group Formed To Fight New Skver Community

00.jpgLast summer, YWN reported (HERE) about the massive celebration of the historic founding of the new “Kiryas Skver” in upstate New York – at which thousands participated. At the time, the mainstream media did not report anything about the story. Now, the Times Herald Record is reporting that a group has been formed to “track & fight the planned community”.

The Record reports:

An Orthodox Jewish sect has kept quiet since buying more than 450 acres in rural Sullivan County, but a booklet circulating in the Jewish community reveals a plan to establish a religious village there.

The Skver sect of Orthodox Jews is quickly running out of room in the Village of New Square, its enclave in Rockland County. So in July 2006, the sect paid $6 million for 458 acres, including the old Homowack Hotel, in the Town of Mamakating.

A 12-page booklet outlines plans and solicits donations for the new community, which is referred to as “Kiryas Skver.”

“We are talking about creating a city from scratch,” the booklet says, “building an infrastructure costing tens of millions of dollars, setting up a Talmud Torah, a girls school, a yeshiva,” as well as shopping and health centers.

In an interview last week, Dov Goldman, a Skver representative, said there are no immediate plans to build on the site. No applications have been filed in Mamakating. Goldman said future plans depend on population growth in New Square, which, by all accounts, is packed almost to capacity.

Neighbors in the area of Meyerson Road fear the establishment of a religious village in their rural neighborhood. They’ve already organized a group, called 209 Valley Keepers, to track and fight the planned community.

“This isn’t about who they are, it’s about what they want to build and what kind of neighbors they’re going to be,” said Anita Altman, a neighbor and watch group member. “This would be intense urban development, and we want to maintain ourselves as a rural community. It’s very upsetting.”

The site is now being used for the Machne Bnos Square girls’ summer camp.

Click HERE to see YWN photos of last summers large gathering.


9 Responses

  1. So it’s not about “who they are” but rather about “what kind of neighbors they’ll be.” Isn’t that kind of the same thing?

  2. 1. I hope & I’m sure that the skvera were aweare of this when they went to buy it, & know what there rights are.
    2. I surly hope that they will work out some deal with the nighbers..

  3. “This isn’t about who they are, it’s about what they want to build and what kind of neighbors they’re going to be,” said Anita Altman,

    Excuse me.
    1. “This isn’t about who they are”
    2. “what kind of neighbors they’re going to be”

  4. Their concern over “what kind of neighbors they will will be” means that it’s irrelevant to them that it’s yidden that want the community. They’re concerned with keeping the place rural, regardless of who lives there. It seems pretty legitimate. Not everybody that disagrees with you is an anti-semite.

  5. When does Skver intend to begin building at the site? How can we help the new shtetl?? Does anyone have information about where to send a donation

  6. #8 is correct. Their statement is not inconsistent.

    The group has the right to try and preserve their way of life. There’s no reason that they can’t try to stop the change this will bring to where they live. There’s also no reason why they can’t lose the battle.

    When we have changes forced upon us – don’t we fight and complain about it? How is this different? It’s not.

  7. How come the chareidim can protest Walmart as ruining their way of life? Where were althose wishing to protect the rights of that store?

  8. Mrs. Altman,

    You were always again everyone there INCLUDING the Homowack. I am afraid your true colors are coming thru.

    I would also like to point out that having people move in will help raise the tax revenue so your streets etc., can be maintained. In fact, if I recall correctly, your street up there REALLY needs to be repaved etc.

    My suggestion to you would be not to fight them but rather to welcome them. Skver chasidim, although they will live in their own neighborhood, do a good job being nice to their neighbors. Just because they disagree with you and your opinion of the world doesnt make them bad neighbors.

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