Cure your COVID-19, Depression, & Anxieties Quickly with Blue Lotus Flower


It’s been a trying year for many people all over the world with the COVID-19 pandemic upending both our personal and professional lives. While stay-at-home orders were intended to keep people safe and healthy, it’s created a lot of mental health issues that are leading to higher drug use and alcohol use. If you’re looking to stay away from prescription medications then the blue lotus flower might be the best option. This flower has long been used as a treatment for health issues going back to the Egyptians and Mayans, so there’s a long history of it working to help those that want natural and quick relief.

Blue Lotus Flower can Naturally Combat Covid19, Depression, and Anxiety 

A new report has shown that one-third of adults are now facing serious depression as a result of the pandemic, especially those with lower income. There are natural ways that you can treat your mental heath issues without medication. In a time where money is an issue for many households, not having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on pills is a priority. Instead of looking for drugs and alcohol to relieve your symptoms, try out the blue lotus flower, which is shown to quickly relieve depression and anxiety.

How Does the Blue Lotus Flower Provide Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief?

The blue lotus flower contains two different chemicals apomorphine and nuciferine, which are both responsible for the medicinal and psychoactive benefits of this flower. Apomorphine works as a dopamine agonist and that’s what will give you a euphoric and happy feeling. This naturally-occurring flower would benefit those suffering from negative thoughts and sadness. It’s difficult to be out of a job and worrying about the future of your household, but with the blue lotus flower you can feel positive and upbeat within minutes of consuming the plant.

Apomorphine can also help those struggling right now with various health ailments that have to do with losing muscle control. One medical condition that people turn to the blue lotus flower to help is Parkinson’s disease. Tardive dyskinesia, which is when you suffer from involuntary muscle movements often caused by long-term use of psychiatric medications, can be lessened using this plant. It can also aid in sexual function and is shown to improve erectile dysfunction within minutes.

Nuciferine is the other chemical element in the blue lotus flower and it’s a compound that has more of an antipsychotic effect. This compound is what will relieve your anxiety that you’re feeling, and it will help calm you down so that you can think rationally. If sleeping is an issue for you during these stressful times, this ingredient is also going to allow you to get a full night of sleep without tossing or turning. Just like with apomorphine, it can also help those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

How Can You Consume the Blue Lotus Flower?

The Blue Lotus Flower can be consumed in many ways that you consume other plants, such as marijuana. You can grind up the flower and vape it or simply dry out the flowers and use a rolling paper to roll it up to smoke, just like you would a joint. There are also massage and essential oils that contain blue lotus flowers that you can use if you’d like to avoid ingesting or smoking the flower. The oils can absorb into the skin or absorb into the nasal cavity to get into your system.

If ingestion is your preferred method, you can choose to either make tea or infuse an alcoholic beverage with the flower. It’s very easy to make the tea since you just need to dry out the flower, take 3 to 5 grams and place into a tea bag, and then let it steep for 10 minutes in hot water. Ingestion of the flower will give you more of the psychoactive benefit, so it’s not the best option for your first time.

Other Health Benefits of the Blue Lotus Flower

  • Pain relief

  • Increases sex drive in women

  • Enhances creativity and dreaming

  • Can act as a substitute for benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium

Final Thoughts on the Blue Lotus Flower

Even if it’s not COVID-19 that has you stressed, depressed, and anxious, using the blue lotus flower will ease your concerns and prevent you from going overboard on the drugs and alcohol. It’s a great natural remedy that doesn’t contain the nasty side effects that so many prescription medications do, and it’s legal to use across the country.