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CBS2: Bear Scares Monsey Residents

mb.jpgWCBSTV reports: People in a Rockland County neighborhood got a good scare Sunday when they came face to face with a bear cub. The cub however, was probably just as frightened and climbed a tree.

The young bear roamed through Monsey for much of the day, then ended up climbing a tree in a yard, where it was tranquilized by environmental conservation officers.

After being hit with a tranquilizer dart, the bear woozily tried holding onto the branch before it fell to the ground with a thud. Once he fell he was trying to run away.

The entire scene was watched by members of the Jewish community who were all concerned by several bear sightings in these parts in the past few weeks.

Officials told CBS 2 the bear was about a year and 4 months old, and weighed about 250 pounds. It was wearing a tag from N.J. wildlife officials – meaning it had been tagged and released once before in New Jersey.

The bear will be taken back to the woods in New Jersey and released – much to the relief of the Monsey community.

(Click HERE to be redirected to the CBS2 website, where you can watch exclusive video footage of the bear being shot by a tranquilizer dart.)

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  1. Was the bear anti-semitic? If not, then why were we all afraid? You mean there is a Higher Power which causes events, and it is not just “hatred”? Aha! Makes sense now. ( The above was adapted from a gadols shmooze I once heard.

  2. A grown bear would be more aggressive and a lot heavier,. This was a bear that they tagged,so they already knew how old it is and where it came from. Maybe he is a gilgul from someone who lived and died in Monsey and now has to make some kind of tikkun in another dimension. guess Monsey residents will just have to bear with it.

  3. “bear with it”? ha ha
    Shtrimels? Um yeah I guess that would make him nervous, but someone should tell him they don’t get the fur from bears, at least I don’t think so.
    I wonder who he is a gilgul of … hmmmm.

  4. It was sighted on Albert, Eastview and Tower lane and finally it climbed a tree on Remsen near Grove. I’m very glad it was caught.

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