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BIGOT: Cuomo Says Possible Silver Pardon Is A Jewish Thing [HEAR THE AUDIO]

NY Governor Cuomo spoke with Alan Chartock of Northwest Public Radio on Tuesday, just hours before Trump was scheduled to issue a slew of pardons.

On that list was Former NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and speculation was running high that Silver would be given a pardon.

Cuomo was asked about it on the radio, and this was his shocking response:

“On what theory would Trump even know a Sheldon Silver, and what possible connection or rationale – it’s almost as if he’s trying to purposely create anarchy and desecrate the entire system on the way out the door…..”

“It could just be a favor for some contact, a favor for someone in the Jewish community, a favor for a donor….”

Cuomo is a bigot.

Has Cuomo forgotten that Shelly Silver was once the most powerful politician in the State of New York – and Donald Trump did hundreds of millions of dollars in business every year in NY? Does Cuomo actually think Trump never met Silver?

To pull the “Jewish” card is utterly disgusting and disgraceful, but after the past nine months, utterly disgraceful is exactly where we are.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. What bad thing did the Jewish people do to this Mafioso humbaro other than voting him into office. He must be scared that something will be coming out on him. No question Silver has something to reveal.


  3. What’s with Eisman from Lakewood
    I hope someone got to the president to free him (and innocent Tzadik) from the EVIL NJ prosecutors

  4. SPACHEEM JR!!!. What a low life anti semite. Every Yid who voted for this piece of trash has a lot to answer for. Everything he claims about President Trump is the exact opposite. He was positive about how great this country is as opposed to Dementia Joe who only spoke negatively about the USA; how racist every white person is, how horrible our history is. President Trump had a very clear agenda and despite Cuomo and his ilk, managed to accomplish so many great things. I’m sure Killer Cuomo will rate very highly with the new fraudulent administration.

  5. Maybe its a liberal democrat thing. After all, Shelly was one of your people. One of your best, that you looked up to. So maybe someone in your community, the extreme liberal democrat community, thought of him and reached out.

  6. Cuomo is a horrible genocidal garbage governor. But on this narrow point he’s not entirely incorrect. President Donald J. Trump is and has been throughout his lifetime and presidency an open Oheiv Yisroel. And it is likely true that the potential Silver and Weiss pardons are only realistic because Donald Trump loves Jews.

  7. I definitely hear the points the article makes regarding the stupidity and purposeful skewing of reality displayed by Dictator Cuomo. However, the Jewish angle seems a little forced to me. I don’t think his remarks were anti-Semitic or bigoted in that way.

  8. Why did dictator Cuomo get rid of the Moreland commission??? What did Preet Bharara have on (to quote Bill Clinton) this Mafioso?

  9. Sorry, just heard the recording. I should have written that much more strongly. Cuomo is a sick, sick dog who is pretending the president is a complete moron. What a despicable rasha. (I still don’t think it was anti-Semitic, though.)

  10. Everybody reading this article should listen to the recording or at least read the transcript prior to forming a judgment.

    Shame on YWN for posting an incendiary headline that is so completely misleading. We lose any credibility when we call out public officials for antisemitism based on our distorting their statements.

  11. he’s not good but not so bad – and beydiya Eisef Sonah Lyakov-
    Now asks Biden 14 billion ( he’ll give a s….in U…….

  12. Hardly “laughing”–Trump cares about the American people and proved it by his policies nationally and internationally. To not realize that you would either have not been paying attention or blinded by your partisanship for the other side.
    Most importantly, he was the best friend of Israel–more than any other President–bar none.
    And lastly–Americans don’t fully realize the misery that is about to be released on this country by Biden and his “diverse” but mostly incompetent cabinet.
    His policies are contrary to everything that made the U.S. great.

  13. Yashar, he’s been so biased against Jews in recent months even though this may not seem so. He’s just begun to be so hateful and so…. And it’s the Jews who were so good to him!

  14. @Yaapchik: 100% I just meant that this particular accusation of anti-Semitism seems off the mark. Certainly, we have recently been witness to his true, ugly, anti-Semitic colors.

  15. Mr. Cuomo, you’re the one that released hundreds if not thousands of prisoners, violent prisoners, who we now know committed more crimes after you released them, and you bear that responsibility.
    The pardons by the outgoing president for non-violent felons pale in comparison to what you personally have done. Talk about playing politics.
    It is also a known fact that only after releasing all those violent criminals did the looting and burning by violent protests take place, so you bear that responsibility as well.
    What you did is unforgivable!

  16. So I have two things to say on this.
    A) cuomo definitely has anti semitic tendencies.
    B) word has it that Ruby Schron petitioned Pres. Donald J Trump to pardon Shelly Silver.

    So to recap; Cuomo is a schmuck, but he isn’t wrong about what happened.

  17. @mbcthrang TYW is just like any other tabloid, misleading headlines to get you to read the article.

    I think the reason everyone is getting upset is because maybe In this instance Cuomo is right. I would just add the word “rich” to what Cuomo said and it would be a little more true. Do you think Trump could care less about Shulem Weiss from Monsey? I have a Frum friend who is in the same correctional facility and in for a lot less than what Weiss did. He didn’t get pardoned because he has no money. No Rabbi from Israel wrote a letter on his behalf. Crooked nonsense.

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