NY TIMES: Sheldon Silver, Sholom Weiss Among Possible Pardons

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

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The NY Times is reporting that former NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is among those under consideration for a pardon or a commutation by President Trump.

Silver was convicted twice on corruption charges and sentenced to prison last summer.

Another person under consideration for clemency is Sholam Weiss, the recipient of what is believed to be the longest-ever white-collar prison sentence, according to one person who discussed the matter with a family member and another person briefed on conversations in the White House.

Mr. Weiss was sentenced to more than 800 years in prison in 2000 for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering related to an immense fraud scheme that siphoned $450 million from an insurance company, leading to its collapse. He spent a year on the run before being arrested in Austria and extradited to the United States.

As YWN reported, Trump is expected to pardon around 100 people on Tuesday – his last full day as President.



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  1. Please remove the details on the Sholam Weiss story this is lashon hara and Rechilus please remove the details immediately Thank you very much

  2. I know nothing about Shalom Weiss.

    As for Sheldon Silver, his pardon would be a major help to the undermining of government integrity throughout the US. Trump clearly does not care about the American people or the quality of their governments. Not exactly news, but a fitting reminder of how awful Trump and Silver are.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you President Trump. Maybe the rigged election will be exposed by Wednesday. You don’t think these fake tech crooks who banned Trump from media outlets could not fix the dominion voting machines. We should start registering every frum yid and dump all democRATs. We can do it. We made Nadler lose the Brooklyn borough because Orthodox Jews voted Republican. He only won because of the manhattan liberals who now are attacked every day by homeless who were put there by the liberal politicians.

  4. Rabbi Mendel Epstein and Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein received harsh sentences when no actual crime occurred. Shelly Silver is an elderly man who has acknowledged his wrongdoing and paid a price.

  5. Its time for The Yeshiva World News to WAKE UP and stop reporting NEGATIVE on jewish people. STOP FOLLOWING THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA!!!! DRY THE SWAMP

  6. Baruch Hashem!

    President Donald Trump is a true Oheiv Yisroel, as he’s demonstrated over and over and over again both during his presidency as well as during his lifetime prior to entering politics.

  7. Shelly Silver I agree. For those who doubt the accuracy of the Sheldon Weiss profile, read the charging documents from the Florida Federal Court where he was tried and convicted.

  8. We should proudly make another Trump motorcade across the 5 boros to show that frum yidden still support the truly elected president. Obviously we would have to cover our faces and licenses plates so we can’t be identified by the Hypocrite Party lynch squads. (I began calling the Democrat party by its true name Hypocrite Party.)

  9. I’m not saying Weiss doesn’t deserve clemency but the article if a fairly accurate description of what happened. Obviously, his current release date of June 10, 2738 is a bit excessive.

  10. I have no idea who Shulem Weiss is, but if he did nothing wrong why did he run from the law, how was it that he came to be investigated? I know many very successful frum business people who have paid their taxes and followed the law and halachah and never had an issue with the law. I doubt he was 100% straight and honest.

  11. wow,yeshiva world your really up to date with the hock. my friend was standing next to rubashkins eidim on wednesday at a minyan factory when a phone call came from a 201 number it was jared calling to ask him his thoughts on pardoning shalom weiss? so your 4 days late

  12. Laughing: Why waste your time on responding to those stupid trolls. Like some of his predecessors, he will get tired once he finds himself being ignored.

  13. I know nothing about the accuracy of this article’s contents; the sinas chinam of some of the commenters is disgraceful.
    @laughing and @Gadolhadorah: Donald Trump clearly loves the Jewish people. Desist from your idiotic and baseless accusations, please.

  14. Unlike the rest of you, I know every detail of National Heritage Life, the company that Weiss embezzled and there were people who lost money in the annuity’s they had with the company, Weiss was looking for a quick buck nothing more, he live like a king during the years he was on the lam, does he deserve to die in prison ?
    No, but he is hardly a tzadik.
    PS he made it so much hard for legitimate frum insurance professionals.