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GOOD NEWS: Hatzalah Launching In Englewood, NJ

The RCBC (Va’ad HaRabbanim of Bergen County) member rabbis of Englewood have signed on to support the formation of a Hatzalah division in the city. The squad will be led by veteran New York City Hatzalah and Englewood Hospital paramedic Joshua Hartman.

Over the coming months, the group will begin their recruitment, training and fundraising efforts in the hopes of an operational launch date in mid-2021. They’ll serve as a first response squad which will support the efforts of the local 911 EMS ambulance agencies currently serving the city.

Once live, they will be a local arm joining more than a dozen Hatzalah chapters across the state, including others presently working on launching in their local communities.

“As our community continues to expand, our hope is to be able to complement the resources of our incredible 911 service providers by arriving on scene moments after an incident and providing immediate care and stabilization of the patient until the arrival of the ambulance,” said Hartman.

In addition to ramping up on their organizational structure over the coming months, the group plans to work with municipal officials to ensure the highest levels of partnership and communal involvement.

“Hatzalah has built a strong name for itself in our nearby neighbor, New York City, and in numerous communities across the state of NJ. We’re thrilled that community members in Englewood have come together to form a group of first responders that will volunteer their time and work alongside our local 911 EMS providers to insure the fastest and best care for all those who call,” said Englewood’s Mayor Michael Wildes, himself a 30-year veteran EMT with Hatzalah in Manhattan.

“Hatzalah is a unique organization which harnesses first responders, living and working in our community, who, when a call for a medical emergency is received, drop whatever they are doing to go and save a life. The members in Englewood will have all the equipment necessary to stabilize patients in advance of the ambulance’s arrival. We wish the team success in their formation and look forward to seeing them be Mekadesh Shem Shamayim following their operational launch,” the rabbis wrote in the letter.

Founded in 2021, Bergen Hatzalah – Englewood Division will be an all-volunteer first response squad serving Englewood’s community. The group will provide a rapid response and stabilizing service for those who call them for medical emergencies. For more information or to get involved, please email [email protected]

Bergen Hatzalah Emergency Medical Services inc. operates as an independent nonprofit corporation and as such any funds collected will go directly towards serving our local communities.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. FAD UP, Teaneck does not have a division of Hatzolah, because there is already a very effective volunteer ambulance corps heavily staffed with Orthodox Jews. The rabbonim in Teaneck decided there would be no benefit and a good deal of harm resulting from establishment of a separate Hatzolah here.

  2. @fad up Teaneck is miles away from Englewood.

    My question is that since most of Englewood is not Jewish will they respond to all of Englewood?

  3. Just curious, is that the same “Rabbi” Genack that published a book about his cozy relationship with the חזיר הדור Bill Clinton?

  4. Englewood has had a volunteer ambulance corps since 1954. It seems to be staffed mostly by non-Jews. Isn’t it possible to strengthen it by community members signing up, so there could be a VAC as strong as Teaneck’s? It’s certainly an advantage to have non-Jews available for calls on Shabbos.

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