Legislator Wieder and Rabbi Moishe Indig Helps Thank ‘Angels In White Coats’ [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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Rockland County Legislator Aron B. Wieder was among a delegation of community leaders that visited Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan Thursday to offer thanks to the entire staff for their efforts throughout the pandemic.

“One of the questions I had as a child was, ‘Why do doctors wear white coats,’” Legislator Wieder said. “Even as children, we all know that angels are fully dressed in white, from their halo to the tip of their wings. If there is anything the world has learned from COVID-19, it is that doctors, nurses, medical personnel, security guards, even the receptionist taking the distraught phone call, all are angels. All of them – and angels wear white coats.”

In addition to Legislator Wieder, the delegation included Rabbi Moishe Indig of the WJCC, Anash and Community Hospital Relations organizations; Rabbi Katz of the Refuah Helpline; Rabbi Shulim Greenberg of Chesed 24/7; Rabbi Politchik, coordinator, Kiryas Joel Hatzalah; Rabbi Bernath, coordinator, Williamsburg Hatzalah; Rabbi Falkowitz of Kiryas Joel; Ushi Teitelbaum, a community activist; Rabbi Jacob Hager, hospital liaison.

“No matter how many times we say thank you, it will never really be enough,” Rabbi Indig said. “Every day, the doctors, nurses and entire staff of Mount Sinai Hospital put their own lives on the line to care for the rest of us. Not only COVID-19 cases, but all the other illnesses of life – cancer, heart attacks, injuries from accidents. We need such good people and they have been and continue to be here for us. I sincerely thank each and every one.”

The delegation provided 500 gift bags containing snacks and drinks to the hospital’s staff to show their gratitude and appreciation, along with scores of toys for both the employees’ children and the children receiving care at the hospital. They even brought boxes of freshly-baked matzoh. The toys were donated by Yossi Itzkovitz of Toys4U and Yonason Schwartz of Toys to Discover.

On behalf of all present, Legislator Wieder presented a plaque noting the hospital’s work during the pandemic and saluting all employees. It was accepted by Dr. David L. Reich, president of The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens.

A plaque was also presented to Tim Burgunder, the hospital’s senior director for system services, including security, who was extremely helpful to so many families with loved ones in the hospital.

“So many have lost friends and family in this pandemic,” Legislator Wieder said. “For many, including those from Rockland County, they found the right place for their care here at Mount Sinai. So, for all the hospital has done, we sincerely thank everyone.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)