Major Training: Biden Dog Gets Help Adjusting To White House

A handler walks Major, one of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden's dogs, Monday, March 29, 2021, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden’s dog Major will get professional help adjusting to the White House after a pair of biting incidents last month.

Private training for the 3-year-old German shepherd will be conducted “off-site” — not at the White House but in the Washington area, Michael LaRosa, a spokesperson for Jill Biden, said Monday in an emailed statement. The training is expected to last a few weeks, he said.

The Bidens also have a second German shepherd, 12-year-old Champ, at the White House. But it is the younger canine who has been the source of angst since both dogs were relocated to the White House in January from the Bidens’ home in Delaware.

Last month, the White House confirmed that Major had nipped someone during a walk. Shortly before that incident, Major caused what the White House said was a minor injury to a Secret Service employee on March 8.

Both dogs spent time back in Delaware after the first incident — the White House said it was because the first lady would be traveling for a few days — and the president had said Major was being trained.

On National Pet Day on Sunday, Jill Biden tweeted photos of both dogs captioned, “Love these two!”



  1. it’s the dog’s owner, that demented Alzheimer diseased America hating treasonous Biden, who needs to go for training. He should be checked out if he has rabies.

  2. So the dogs got no (or bad) training while Biden family were not in the office. Hope Bidens can handle the country better.

    Someone should ask whether he is using his own or government funds to train.

  3. Biden Dog Gets Help Adjusting To White House………………Just let Kamala be Kamala. She’ll adjust sooner or later.

  4. Trump could have used some special training, maybe a smack in the nose with a rolled newspaper every time he insulted another government official. But some critters are just untrainable.

  5. Both this dog & sleepy joe need to be permanently locked up in this Delaware basement, and the Oval office restored to the rightful winner President Donald Trump.