NYC: Construction-Related Injuries To Be Posted On DOB Website


const2.jpgIn the wake of two fatal crane accidents and the abrupt departure of city Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster, the city is requiring that details of all construction-related injuries and deaths be posted on the Department of Buildings’ Web site.

Also under a separate measure, the agency will have to alert the state to all disciplinary action taken against architects and engineers.

Each measure was unanimously passed by the City Council with the support of Mayor Bloomberg, who is seeking to quell a storm of criticism over a dramatic spike in construction-site deaths – 16 so far this year, compared to 12 in all of 2007.

The bill, which would take effect within four months, would mandate the Web posting of the number of fatalities, injuries and accidents at every construction site, the type of work under way at those locations and the violations issued.

(Source: NY Post)


  1. Construction accidents are a serious problem and whatever can be done to avoid them should be implemented.
    That being said, I find it humorous the way the mayor & the city council are going crazy passing law after law. Why do they not get as excited and pass stricter laws every time a murder is committed? Construction accidents are just that, “accidents” no one intends for them to happen & besides the people involved understand its a dangerous business. Murder on the other hand is committed by violent criminals usually intentionally and on innocent people.