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HATER ARRESTED: Man Charged With “Numerous” Hate Crimes For Allegedly Vandalizing New York Synagogues

A suspect sought in the vandalism of four synagogues in a New York City neighborhood has been arrested and charged with “numerous” hate crimes, authorities said.

Jordan Burnette, 29, was charged Saturday with burglary as a hate crime and “also faces numerous charges related to the many acts of vandalism as hate crimes that have taken place in this community,” Jessica Corey, commanding officer of the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, said during a press briefing.

Burnette was arrested after he allegedly became “uncooperative” and wouldn’t provide his ID while being issued a moving violation ticket for riding a bicycle against the flow of traffic around 3 a.m. Saturday in the Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale, Corey said.

He fit the description of a person sought in a “hate crime criminal mischief pattern” in the neighborhood, Corey said.

Officers canvassed the area where Burnette was stopped and found a van with a broken windshield. Security footage from a nearby home showed Burnette allegedly throwing a rock at the windshield, Corey said.

The same footage also showed him allegedly leaving the parking lot of the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale, where officers discovered a shed had been broken into.


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  1. Chuckie Schumer
    should give him a 100000 cash plus 20 year Harvard scholarship and buy him a house and car and let him go tomorrow.

  2. Read what I wrote yesterday.

    Today Fox New reporting that JUDGE ORDERED THE RELASE.
    Land of Semod and Amora

    We are still waiting DemocRats to give this thug the cash, house, full scholarship to Harvard’s.

    Thank you Chuckie Nadler

  3. Not every anti Semite is a white supremacist, but every white supremacist is an anti Semite (including the many who support trump)

  4. The YWN headline calls the suspect a “hater.” That term should be saved for after his conviction, if any, or used if he has previously been convicted of a hate crime, or said something that clearly establishes that he is a hater. As of right now, he is a suspect.

  5. Dear Reiven,
    I laughed when I first read your comments on Schumer, Nadler & Como —-yet it is true—– they are all too light with convicted criminals and ignoramuses. The world hasn’t changed much but you Reiven must adhered as closely as possible to the mitzvahs of the T_rah—all else pales to this mitzvah.
    I’m not a sage I’m not even Jewish but I befriended a great Rabbi (Eli Beane, may his name be blessed)
    for many, many years. His wisdom, his erudition and his adherence to the T_rah are with me always.

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

    PS: Suggest you do More Talmud T_rah (MTT), More Davvening (MD) and More Chesed (MC) !!!

    B’vah’chah’shah, be civil to all goy but be careful of the goy—including me !!!! Toddah rabbah !!!

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