10 Brands for Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives

Three strawberry ice creams with fruit at the beach

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Ice creams have caught a bad rap for being unhealthy and generally bad for you due to the amount of sugar that is in every scoop, but in this day and age where anything is possible, there have been alternatives made to replace ice cream but provide you the same taste, the same fun that comes with eating them, but instead of making your sugar levels go through the roof, they are healthy.


In this guide, we are going to go through the 10 best brands for healthy ice cream alternatives that can not only cure your sweet tooth but also get you feeling a lot better because you are making healthier choices.

Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey, one of the top brands on this list, provides multiple healthy options on different flavors of healthy ice cream. This brand lets you choose between Traditional ice cream, which is the typical sugar-packed ice cream, a plant-based ice cream, light ice cream that has so much less sugar compared to regular ice cream, and even fruit-based ice cream. It is recommended that you check this brand out because of its wide range of flavors and healthy options


Wink provides ice cream that is vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, and plant-based ice cream for all your usual flavors. It maintains one hundred calories per pint on all flavors, which is incredibly low for any type of ice cream. It may not be a spot-on substitute for ice cream because it is more on the Italian ice side, but this option is a healthier option for you.


This brand sells frozen greek yogurt, but its flavors can compete or replace your typical ice cream cravings. It also maintains an amazing one hundred calories per serving but remains delicious

Skinny Cow

This brand specializes in low-calorie ice cream coated in chocolate, perfect to satisfy your cravings and keep that sweet tooth at bay. You can even eat 2 bars and only tally up to around 120 calories for both bars in total.

Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero is known to be a traditional ice cream brand, but recently they have been top competitors in the low-calorie ice cream race, the texture is very creamy and comes to a total of 320 calories per pint

Breyer’s delights

Known as a classic choice for low-calorie iced cream, it is straightforward, with loads of mix-ins. It comes in at 260 calories per pint with 20 grams of protein. A healthy choice.


This choice isn’t the lowest calorie count on the list, coming in 600 calories per pint, but, this specific brand comes with vegetables like spinach and carrots as its secret ingredient. The vegetables balance the flavor out nicely and give this brand a different taste.


This is not technically considered an ice cream but a valid substitute. It is a dairy-free alternative that has avocado as its base. It is made up of completely organic ingredients and is made specifically to curb your sweet tooth.

Archer Farms

People have been obsessed with this reduced fat ice cream, it comes up to 340 calories per pint and the flavors pack a punch. You want to try this out the next time you see it.

Ben and Jerry’s

This traditional ice cream maker has caught on to the trend and has taken about 100 calories off the usual serving. They have also reduced the fat in each pint by 70 percent.

No matter how bad your sweet tooth has you craving, always remember there are countless healthier alternatives to scooping what could be considered as pure sugar into your mouth. Make the right choice and give the healthier alternatives a try.