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UPDATE FROM NYC: Eric Adams Crosses 50% Threshold; Socialist Maya Wiley Eliminated In Mayoral Race

Eric Adams held onto his lead as the latest vote tallies were released on Tuesday, with Kathryn Garcia a few percentage points behind. Adams garnered 51.1% of the votes in the city’s 11th round of ranked-choice voting, while Garcia’s tally stood at 48.9%, data released by the city’s Board of Elections shows.

The remaining Democratic candidates – including Maya Wiley, Andrew Yang and Scott Stringer – were eliminated, according to the data.

The results released on Tuesday are not final, as absentee ballots have yet to be counted.

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  1. There are reportedly 120,000+ mail-in ballots that won’t be completely counted until mid-July so Garcia could easily move into first place.

  2. Both Garcia and Adams are moderates with experience in City government. Now it’s up to the absentee ballots to determine the winner.

  3. Stupid. Even before the 135,000 fake votes were discovered, this was always only a partial projection because over 200,000 absentee ballots still have to be counted. So your headline is plain wrong. Nobody has been eliminated, and nobody has a majority.

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