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SHOCK VIDEO: Jewish Man Assaulted By Violent Thug In Boro Park; NYPD And Shomrim Investigating

An elderly Jewish man was viciously assaulted in broad daylight by a violent thug complaining over parking spot.

It happened just before 12:00PM, when the NYPD and Boro Park Shomrim were both called to reports of a Jewish man assaulted on 12th Avenue and 39th Street.

A law-enforcement source tells YWN that the victim, who is a plumber, was doing some work in a local home, and his van was accidently sticking into someone’s driveway. The suspect approached the victim and began screaming about him blocking the driveway. Without warning, the suspect suddenly slapped the elderly man in the face sending him flying to the floor.

The suspect got into a vehicle and drove away toward Fort Hamilton parkway.

NYPD and Shomrim responded immediately, and it appears investigators know where the suspect resides and may have his identity at this point.

The victim was treated by FDNY EMS for a bruised eye and bloody lips.

The shocking video below had the audio removed, as it was filled with foul language.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This savage must be beaten multiple tomes across his face until he succumbs to a well deserved death penalty.

    Anything less would be an absolute totally unacceptable travesty of justice.

  2. I don’t understand why a site such as Yeshiva World would want to show a video portraying violence. That sort of thing is loved by goyim. Thats why TVs are full of violence. Frum sites should be more careful!

  3. YWN, please #Ban147Now. We have suffered from this twisted mind long enough. Or the very least, censor his comments as thoroughly as you censor mine.

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