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What the NFL’s Embracing of Casino Advertisements Means for Canada

In April of 2021, the NFL announced that it would be partnering up with a few sports betting organizations. This deal, worth about a billion dollars, ties in popular sports-betting sites like DraftKings, Caesars, and FanDuel, with the NFL. For the most significant entity in American sports to accept the hype about online casino real money, a few heads are definitely going to be turned.

Of course, casinos have shown up in NFL ads during games for a few years now. The United States has really pushed the legalization of the activity to new levels in recent years, and this deal is the crown jewel of that movement.

The NFL’s agreement is bound to pull in some followers. The most immediate effect is set to be felt in Canada, though in what way? If you are interested in this chain of events and want to know what to expect from Canadian authorities, then you are at the right place. 

Canadian blogger Michelle Thomas is happy to share her knowledge on the current situation in the casino industry.

Sports Betting Legalization in Canada: an Overview

In addition to the Canadian leagues, American sports have been broadcast across the country for decades. Needless to say, games in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are very popular. This means that the ads for casinos have been widely distributed, fuelling the already burning fire in Canada for sports betting.

The act of single-sport betting has not been legal in Canada for a long time, though it is not strictly illegal, either. The bulk of betting happens through European bettors and bookmakers in other offshore areas. However, this is all set to change soon, partly due to the efforts made in the US.

In February 2021, Canada’s House of Commons passed Bill C-218, which would decriminalize the act of single-game betting in the country. This bill was then moved to the Senate, which also passed it in June of the same year. This means that Canadians are finally free to bet on games – and the law will back them up!

This has opened up a lot of new horizons for budding gamblers in Canada. All the ads present in the NFL have furnished everyone with a lot of options, but you have to know what to look out for in a casino before you choose one to place bets at.

The Immediate Consequences of Bill C-218

The most immediate consequence of the Senate passing C-218 will be the inclusion of single-game betting among existing sportsbooks by the lottery commission. The different provinces already allow some form of this online, and with the legalization of single-game betting, these online sportsbooks are bound to bring in more traffic from other countries and especially the US.

All of this should already be familiar to those in the US. The only thing they will need to get used to is the decimal system, but that won’t take very long. The current technology meets industry standards the world over, and the sheer variety of sports to bet on is likely to impress anyone. 

What Do You Need To Get Started?

About half the adult population of Canada takes part in some form of gambling. With the Senate passing Bill C-218, this number will only be bolstered as new people come into the fold without fear of breaking national or provincial laws. If you are one of these people and need to know what goes into it to get started, then we discuss that in this section!

Use a Secure Payment Option

Unfortunately, PayPal is no longer supported by online gambling sites. You can still use Visa or MasterCard in Canada with bookkeepers, but it might be blocked by some banks on a few technicalities. Use a payment option like ecoPayz to avoid this.

Bet Only What You’re Comfortable With

Though you might be tempted to bet big and win more, you should know that you always stand to lose everything. So, take calculated risks. Never bet an amount that you feel is a bit beyond your threshold. If it is $50, then let it be so.

Provide Some Personal Details

To set up your account, you will have to provide some personal details. This is normal, though, and you don’t need to be anxious about this.

Find the Best Match For You

Always, always do your due diligence. Shop around and find a place that works for you and that you’re comfortable with. Remember, you’re doing this for fun. That’s what matters most.


The legalization of sports betting in Canada is thanks in large part due to NFL football. Use this opportunity well, stay cautious, and enjoy the booming market!

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