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WATCH: Former VP Mike Pence Slams Biden Vaccine Mandate, Afghanistan Withdrawal

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday slammed President Biden’s recently announced coronavirus vaccine mandates in an interview on Fox News, saying Biden’s announcement was “unlike anything I have ever heard from an American president.”

“To have the president of the United States say that he’s been patient, but his patience is wearing thin, that’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leaders,” Pence, who has been floated as a potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate, told “Fox & Friends” in his first national television interview in nearly a year.

On Thursday, Biden announced that all private employers with 100 or more employees must require COVID-19 vaccination or daily testing for workers.

Pence also went after Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.


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  1. While Biden can make all sorts of orders for federal employees, the Constitution gives general public health powers to the states. Perhaps the Congress could enact such a requirement, but the President is claiming powers well beyond any previous president, and in addition, once the government mandates the vaccine does it become liable for claims based on side effects. Pence will alienate no one in the Republican Party by attacking Biden on this.

    The Republicans probably have a “show down” coming over Trump’s isolationism (“America First”) versus the “Freedom Agenda” and the Neocons an all Republican leaders from Eisenhower. To win the primary and the election, a Republican needs to reject isolationism without alienating Trump’s supporters.

  2. Biden should ignore pence and his political ambitions. America had the most deaths in the world when he was vice president. While I can’t see he’s responsible because he wasn’t the president, he should at least be doing the right thing now and encouraging life saving measures.

  3. benedict pence is the face of the controlled opposition party known as “republicans”. Oh no, the republican lian is roaring! watch out democrats!

  4. Pence is obviously running for President.
    Notice what he said. He did not reject the idea that everyone should take the vaccine; he only attacked Biden’s attitude.
    He attacked Biden on the withdrawal which everyone agrees was a disaster.
    Two very safe political positions.

    Trump will probably not actually run for President; he’s right now only posturing so as to bring in as many money in the form of donations and fees as he can. He is making money through other means as well; this week’s commentary at a fighting match is an example.

  5. Whatever your opinion on vaccine mandates, taking Pence seriously on anything Covid related is a joke. This clown stood by silently day-after-day when Trump would hold his daily “news conferences” of the Covid task force lying about his early efforts to address the virus, then pivoting and claiming it would disappear soon and then recommending bleach injections. Pence simply stood there like the sycophant he was nodding his head to the lies and misstatements.

  6. Mr. Mike Pence seems to be the absolute best choice for America. He’s sensible, even-keeled and could likely even win if only Mr. Trump would allow it. The Dems are ridiculous and pompous and their ruse is likely to unravel to oblivion in the 2022 congressional election.

  7. This demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating Marxist old hair sniffing pervert, needs to be impeached and put in front of a military tribunal and charged with high treason, when convicted lock up this old fool in a mental asylum for the rest of his miserable life.

  8. This also helps him turn attention away from Afghanistan & the faulty hit of a so called planner of the Kabul bombing. Seems like the latest news is that they actually killed an innocent man who worked for a US aid group and his family. Now this is from a Biden friendly news source, The NY Times rag.

  9. Can you go through a red light while driving? No, because it might kill someone
    Do you need to have your car inspected? Yes, because when your brakes fail, you might kill someone.
    Do you need to take the vaccine? Yes, because you might infect your family, your neighbors, your friends – and they wind up on a ventilator, hardly able to breathe, till they die. All because you believe it’s your freedom that counts, not your fellow human’s his/her life.
    And I repeat:
    SHAME ON YOU ALL !!!!!!
    You sure you’re Jewish espousing the opposite of Pikuach Nefesh. I’m beginning to doubt it.
    Again: SHAME ON YOU ALL !!!.

  10. I appreciate you showing these kinds of news stories, but am baffled at how you allow a completely inappropriately dressed woman on a website labeled “Yeshiva World”. Even Dansdeals cautions users about something not tznius on his products.

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