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Paris: Five Anti-Semitic Thugs Released After Beating Jewish Teen Into Coma

hate crime5.jpgFive youths detained after a Jewish teenager was beaten into a coma by a gang in Paris have been released without charge, AFP reported Wednesday quoting judicial officials.

The minors, aged 14 to 17, were held for questioning as witnesses following the attack this past Shabbos in the multi-ethnic 19th district of the capital – reported HERE on YWN.
The Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin said Tuesday the 17-year-old victim, Rudy Haddad, was beaten by a gang after street brawls between Jewish teenagers and youths of north African and sub-Saharan descent.
The boy was so badly beaten by a gang wielding metal bars that he went into a coma from which he only emerged on Monday.
According an informed source, he is slowly recovering but remains “very traumatized” and is encountering memory problems.

A probe for “murder attempt aggravated by its anti-Semitic character” has been launched against the perpetrators, a group of six or seven youths of black African origin, who remain at large.
The prosecutor has confirmed the anti-Semitic character of the aggression and said anti-Semitic insults – like “dirty Jew” – were shouted during the aggression.
Sources quoted in the press reported that several brawls broke out in the area Saturday afternoon between Jewish and North Africans and black youth groups and that Haddad was attacked later on the day when he was walking alone in Rue Petit, near a Lubavitch Shul.

(Source: EJP)

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  1. They are making such a big deal about what the charges will be but will not hold those responsible under lock and key. Such a hypocrisy!

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