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30 Lev Tahor Members Enter Romania, Hundreds Are Leaving Guatemala [VIDEO]

Thirty members of the group of 72 Lev Tahor members who have been held in a building near Istanbul Airport in Turkey since Tuesday morning, have entered Romania, Kikar H’Shabbat reported on Wednesday night.

Other reports, including Turkish media reports, stated that all the members of the group were sent to Bucharest at their own request after spending three days in Istanbul.

The Turkish report added that the group members held 19 Canadian passports, 24 American passports, 1 Portuguese passport, and 28 Guatemalan passports.

The group had traveled together from Guatemala to the Kurdistan area of Iraq but after only several days in the country, Iraqi authorities forced them to leave, putting them on a flight to Istanbul.

Meanwhile, an earlier Kikar report revealed that the hundreds of Lev Tahor members in Guatemala have made a final decision to leave the country due to constant police raids.

In recent years, the group members have lived in a large compound in the Central American country but they have now left the compound and are scattered in small groups in guest houses, hostels, and hotels. However, Guatemalan police are raiding the hotels and hostels as part of an investigation into cases of children who were reported missing.

A group member told Kikar that they searching for a country to live in where they won’t be harassed.

Below is a disturbing video of the group when they are still in Iraq, in which many children and some of the women seem to be in great distress.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Who’s support Lev tahor members or afíliate doesn’t have heart if will be sour children’s in that situation will not give any cent stupid stupid stop to give money for Lev tahor

  2. This group needs to be vetted and sorted into perpetrators and victims. The victims should be immediately eligible for transfer to wherever they will be able to receive deprogramming and therapy. The perpetrators should be arrested and imprisoned for life.

    There is NO mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim for these resho’im. They threw away Torah long ago, and their lives are dedicated to pushing their customized version of Judaism, and their own hedonistic desires. If they were only baalei taavoh, we might look at them as cholim. But that is not the case.

  3. The parents belong in mental institutions and the kids with their grandparents and extended families that are not involved in the cult.

    The kids are marrying young and each couple likely has 12-15 kids. 25 couples can equal 375 individuals…

    Who is funding this group? I pity their gehinom for causing Innocents to live through gehinom in this world.

  4. Stop the anti-Semitism against Lev Tahor.

    The people who give out rumors against Lev Tahor are the evil ones.
    Rumors, lashon hara, are forbidden by the Holy Torah and anyone who says otherwise is an evil person who should be arrested immediately, as lashon hara and vigilante justice is strictly forbidden in Jewish Law, Halacha.

    In a beis din a Jewish court of law. what the evil rumor mongers wanted to do to Lev Tahor will be done to the rumor mongers, just as is written in the Holy Torah regarding false witnesses.

  5. YWN, perhaps you can find this lunatic “ready now”. He may well be a monetary supporter, or even be directly involved in this cult. He & his ilk are beyond dangerous.

  6. Ready:

    You portrayed “anti-Semitism against Lev Tahor”.

    Nothing can be further from truth. Your cult is anti-Torah, and that is why it triggers such deep hate for those who tamper with Torah. When your cult makes its first Siyum Hashas, make a public announcement. I might be prepared to retract my opinions. Meanwhile, our heilige Chachomim made all sorts of takanos because of the Tzedokim that denied Torah shebe’al peh. And those that do so are not following the Torah of Sinai that is spoken about so many times. If you trash Chazal, you cannot utter complaints about “lashon horah” and any of the other issues you raise. Lev Tahor is not Yiddishkeit, and hating it is not anti-Semitism.

  7. to “little I know’-
    Fact- you really believe all your lashon hara. Have a holiday, rethink.


    you said in your post ‘I might be prepared to retract my opinions. ‘
    Please retract ASAP, the longer you leave it ……

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