NOT SOON ENOUGH: Jerry Nadler, Only Congressman with Formal Yeshiva Training, Mulls Retirement


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Rep. Jerry Nadler, a New York Jew who has represented Manhattan’s West Side in the House of Representatives since 1992, is considering hanging up his political cleats at the end of his current term, which concludes next year.

Nadler, 74, has served as the powerful House Judiciary Committee chairman since 2019, but age and deteriorating health may finally be catching up to the congressman, who is often mocked for wearing pants that ride up near his chin.

The congressman has been beset by health issues for a long time. He underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 after becoming so obese that he couldn’t practically use New York City’s subways. He also nearly collapsed during a 2019 press conference and had to be hospitalized.

Despite his Jewishness, Nadler supported the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, drawing the ire of many in the US and Israel, including some who accused him of stabbing the Jewish State in the back.

Nadler also defended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she compared the detention of illegal migrants crossing into the US to Nazi concentration camps.

Nadler, the only member of Congress with a yeshiva education (he attended Jewish classes in his youth), would provide a political opportunity for NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is searching for options after losing the Democratic primary for mayor to Eric Adams.

Watch: Nadler explains the Talmudic reasoning behind the timing of Krias Shma Shel Shacharis.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. Another report denies this, and claims he will seek re-election. If he’s out of the running, we might be in for a favor. If he stays in, I hope there is a Republican that can trounce him in the election, so that he leaves politics in disgrace. After what he has done for New York, Israel, and basic morality, he earned all the shame that can be heaped on him.

  2. Nadler, the only member of Congress with a yeshiva education (he attended Jewish classes in his youth), would provide a political opportunity for NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    Stringer would make Nadler seem like an absolute Tzadik.

  3. This filthy TREASONOUS America hating DemonRat, should be retiring inside a prison cell, or better yet hanging by the end of a rope for the crime of high treason

  4. Show some class. Both YWN and those commenting. I’m not a fan, but show some class. Jerry Nadler is retiring. We are hoping that his replacement will be more aligned with our values. Your headline is embarrassing.

  5. YWN should rethink whether they are part of the problem of the deterioration of civil discourse, or are helping improve the matter. Since YWN *does* moderate comments, they should consider filtering out those which are not in any way substantive and which are crass in the extreme.

    chugibugi’s delightful comments seem like a solid case for censure (call it canceling if you wish), not because I disagree with them, but because they show no intelligent thought, contribute nothing substantive to public conversation, and use the kind of language none of us would use in front of a Rav of Rosh Yeshiva.

  6. Shocking that an “article” with such disparaging comments about a Jew should be posted. You can talk about possible retirement and even vehement disagreement with his policies, but the rest is nothing but lashon hara.

  7. He is an ex Jew. The good news that most people here don’t know is that in this past election he lost in Brooklyn due to orthodox vote. He won manhattan is how he stayed.

  8. To RatsRats: Of all the obnoxious and erroneous comments on this article, yours is the worst. Hashem decides who is a Jew, and who is not. Unless Hashem spoke to you, you have no business calling Nadler or anyone else an ex-Jew.