WATCH HER WEEP: Hillary Clinton Reveals What She Would Have Said In Her 2016 Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton shared an excerpt of her planned 2016 White House victory speech on "Today" on Dec. 8, 2021. NBC

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Hillary Clinton has revealed what she was planning to tell Americans in her victory speech after her expected beatdown of Donald Trump in 2016 – a victory that never occurred.

“I’ve never shared this with anybody,” the now 74-year-old Clinton said in a Wednesday interview with NBC’s “Today.”

“I’ve never read this out loud. But it helps to encapsulate who I am, what I believe in and what my hopes were for the kind of country that I want for grandchildren and that I want for the world,” she said.

Watch below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. YWN outdoes itself with its biased and disgusting headlines. Your miyusdika attitude is not Jewish and definitely has nothing to do with the Yeshiva standard. Change your name to Trump World News as it is a better reflection of your true hashkafah and aligns perfectly with mocking others and spreading hatred and rage for profit and attention.

  2. If you’re allowed to say that bderech hateva if she would have won many people that were weeping because of lost loved ones from covid, wouldn’t have

  3. These videos are not appropriate to be shown on a website geared generally toward bnei torah. The headline is inappropriate. It shows a lack of middos tovos. I’ve never voted for her or her husband, but this is not kavod habrioes. The woman is genuinely in emotional pain and shouldn’t be shown to the tzibbur for some sort of weird enjoyment. We don’t make fun of others during their personal suffering. You don’t have to like her or her policies, but we don’t poke fun.
    Btw, she wouldn’t of been such a bad President for the Frum Yidden, here in the United States. She would of been head & shoulders above Obama and the current smelly sack of beans occupying the White House.

  4. What’s her game? has she no shame? Is she planning to run cause she knows Joe & Kamala are toast OR is she expecting something big coming out on Bubba Bill with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Hmm.

  5. @Not Getting Involved, your comment was beautiful to read until you put your foot in your mouth at the end. Is calling someone a “smelly sack of beans” midos tovos for a ben torah or his family?
    @crazykanoiy, I agree with you 100%. Just because most of the frum community agrees with Trump’s policies does not mean we have to take on his horrible personality. People have been worshipping him much too much!
    The tone of this article is so disappointing.

  6. The religion of Trumpism has taken over many in the frum world. Achzaryius and mocking the tzar of others is now a laudable trait. The midos raos of Trumpism have had a horrible effect on our tzibur. It is time to make a true cheshbon hanefesh of where we stand and who we are.

  7. She would of hurt the Yidden in Israel and not allowed them to build a single home for Jews. How many frum large families living in parking lots and garbage storage areas for lack of housing. Let this macheifa cry.

  8. To crazy
    You sound crazy
    Trump was the best president Orthodox Jews ever had. That’s a fact. Your liberal anti Torah attitudes are abnormal.

  9. crazykanoiy, you *literally* mocked Ben Shapiro in another YWN. You consistently mock Jews who vote Republican (regardless if it’s Trump or another R candidate) The double-standard with you is remarkable. When it comes to articles the Jew hating Squad of the Democratic party, you just turn the page and not comment. Maybe consider working for Rashida Tlaib.

  10. Oh come on. after years of being a fake person (career politician) these are definitely definitely fake crying. I hope nobody thought otherwise. And I think that’s the intention of the headline of this article.

  11. To TGIShabbos, be aware there are people who comment just to instigate and then entertain when people get upset. I suspect crazykanoiy is one of them.