UPDATE: Filthy Anti-Semite Who Spit On Jewish Child In Marine Park Is Arrested


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A vile antisemite is facing hate crime charges after making anti-Jewish remarks to a group of children before spitting on them on Avenue P in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn.

The NYPD said it has arrested Christina Darling, 21, over the incident, and charged her with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and menacing.

”This woman passed by them, yelled at them. Something along the lines of Hitler should have killed you all,” Aryeh Fried, the father of one of the children told CBS2.

Fried said his son responded to the woman.

“I gotta teach him not to engage, but he engaged. And she came running back at him, spat in his face and told him we will kill you all, I know where you live, and we’ll make sure to get you all next time,” he said.

“I would hope that she understands the severity of what she did,” he added. “To do it to anybody is obviously problematic, but for an adult to do it to a child is just beyond crazy.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. No need to editorialize her as “filthy” or “vile.” She spat in the face of a child, we know she’s not a good person.

    It makes your reporting look unprofessional.

  2. The trauma I gained from years of captivity in “educational” institutions where I was subjected to intentional infliction of emotional distress on a daily basis by cruel goyim that probably would have preferred me dead unsupported by any fellow Yid, I would trade that in a heartbeat for one insult and spit in the face. Seriously, you have thousands of Yiddin captives abused among goyim everyday, and you throw all your resources behind some kid who could easily wipe the spit and shrug off the insult without any real damage. It’s pathetic.

  3. This happened in New York. Big deal. The acts of hatred of which I was on the receiving end from chilonim in Y-m forty-five years ago makes this incident pale in comparison. Why does any Jew think the gentile majority in the US has any duty or obligation to be civil toward him or her? Such naivete is risible.

  4. She needed to get punished for her crime, end of story! You don’t spit on a human being nor an animal, we are all Hashem creation, this is 50% non educated from home, and say 50% antisemitism. The thing is that she got arrested, I don’t know if she will ever get educated being arrested.

  5. I would suggest that Mr. Aryeh Fried should not teach his child – the one in whose face Ms. Darling allegedly spit – not to engage. Mr. Fried should instead give his child karate lessons, or perhaps a pistol permit and matching pistol.

  6. Thank you ywn for calling her a filthy anti semite! Covertcorgi you seem to be very offended by ywn language towards a pig that spits on a child regardless of there religion maybe you should consider using another news channel.

  7. I agree with Covertcorgi. The editorial comments appended to the front of headlines on this site drive me crazy. News items should be presented as factually as possible. I have enough confidence in my own cognition to decide how to feel about the facts presented all on my own.

  8. I tried searching for her on the dept of corrections site after shabbos… not surprised no records found. Bunch of bull. They released her and probably waived all charges and gave her Mets tickets.