SICKENING: BLM Complains That Shot Cops Are Treated as Heroes


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The Washington, D.C. chapter of Black Lives Matter complained that police officers who are shot in the line of duty are automatically treated as heroes.

Their concern over who is considered a hero and who isn’t comes after a police officer was shot in Washington. The suspect is still on the loose.

“This is the point we’ve been making for months,” the group tweeted Sunday night. “Look at the reaction and coverage tonight. Tear jerker press conferences and proclamations of heroes coming soon. Imagine if people knew these folks’ names. Being Black in DC is more dangerous than any job.”

“This isn’t to say these scenarios represent what happened tonight, but it does explain our skepticism, interest in details, and highlights the difference in how people talk and act when an officer is hurt vs when they hurt a Black person. No one asks what the cop did wrong, the group added.”

An ongoing campaign on the BLM website describes Washington as an “occupied police state” that was “never meant to protect” black people.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I think we have seen a small but material change in sentiment in the minority communities with respect to these mindless BLM rants. They are the ones suffering the most from the spike in violent crimes and shootings and they are beginning to push back against their brethren who call for defunding the police and public officials who refuse to prosecute violent offenders and other serious crimes.

  2. It is time for the black community at large to tell the BLM race hustlers that until they start advocating for BCM, their movement doesn’t give a hoot about black lives. What does BCM stand for you ask? It stands for Black Crime Matters, and that matters to everybody.

  3. kinsler., perhaps, but hope springs eternal.
    The loudest voices at recent hearings on “defund” proposals have been the black and latino populations of the neighborhoods being overrun by crime. Loud doesn’t always translate into discrete policy changes by the fringe lefties (including many whites) who seem oblivious to the harm resulting from their policies.