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FAILING: Biden’s Average Approval Rating Drops Below 40%

Americans’ approval of the job President Joe Biden is doing continues to fall, as the White House struggles with a broad range of issues they can’t seem to tackle, from rising inflation to the border crisis, to the Ukraine border conflict.

Now, for the first time since taking office, President Biden’s average approval rating, based on results from multiple large polls, has fallen below 40%.

RealClearPolitics, which tracks the president’s average approval rating, said that, on average, national polls of Biden’s performance have his approval rating at 39% and his disapproval rating at 54%.

Fox News said it reached out to the White House to find what factors the Biden administration thinks are contributing to the president’s sinking average polling numbers but added that they have not yet received a response.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the brilliant articulate Jen Psaki to spin out of this one. The standard DNC talking points of, “it’s Trump’s fault” will not help Peppermint Patty explain her boss’s falling poll numbers. Ron Klain & Susan Rice have finally realized, the American people are sick and tired of blaming former President Trump for every failure the old sack of beans occupying the White House gets involved with.

  2. Go back to your natural habitat, your Delaware basement & get lost for ever.
    President Donald Trump will clear up your filthy mess, and restore 🇺🇸 to our pristine glory

  3. domenick00:

    Brainless Brandon is doing such a phenomenal job. COVID out of control, Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban, Ukraine under imminent invasion threat, rampant violent crime, illegal immigrant invasion, spiraling inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, supply chain mayhem…

    No wonder his approval rates are so high!

  4. I’m certain the gifted editorial assistant who selects these stock photos to pair with these negative news stories on Biden will have a photo of Trump madly flushing documents down the toilet in the Lincoln Bedroom to run with the next story dealing with his meshugaas.

  5. Dorah,

    The editors have better things to do than search for intelligent-looking pictures of this brainless, drooling dolt you so slavishly worship.

  6. Gadolhadorah, did you just complain that YWN is too slanted against Biden because of the image that comes along with this story? Then you must have been fuming for the past 6 years over the MSM’s slanted coverage of Trump.

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