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UPDATED 10:45AM – VIDEO & PHOTOS – Fire in Kiryas Joel Hatzolah Garage

1.jpg6:00AM EST: (VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE) A fire has reportedly broken out at the Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah garage a few minutes ago. Numerous FD and Hatzolah units arriving on location at the (53) Forest Road Hatzolah Headquarters report flames and smoke showing from the structure. Units are frantically attempting to remove all oxygen tanks from the building.

Further details will be posted shortly.

UPDATE 7:00PM EST: The fire originated in an ambulance parked inside the garage – totally destroying it, and causing damage to a second ambulance. There was minor extension to the garage, and there is heavy smoke and water damage as well.

UPDATE 10:45AM EST: Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah has just launched an emergency fund-raising campaign – and is reaching out to all the YWN readers if they can help out. The need for two new ambulances is urgent, as Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah has an arrangement with Catskills Hatzolah – to assist them in transporting patients down to NYC during the summer months.

Temporary arrangements are currently being made with Williamsburg & possibly Flatbush Hatzolah to loan Kiryas Yoel an ambulance or two, but this is only short-term. The summer has just started, and the call volume in Kiryas Yoel triples – along with the constant transports coming from the Catskills, they are really in need of financial assistance.

To donate by credit card, please call 845-537-5100 (Levi Appel)
To donate by mail:

Kiryas Joel Volunteer EMS
51 Forest Road Suite #375
Kiryas Joel, NY 10950

VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for YWN video, and click HERE for YWN photos.

(YWN Sullivan County News Desk / YW-98)

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  1. Gevalt! This is the second fire in a week at a Hatzolah garage. It sounds reminicent of the attacks that take place on the MDA personnel and Israeli Hatzolah volunteers after the bombs have gone off. I hope it is only speculation on my part and not part of a calculated plan to dismantle and cripple Hatzolah in preparation for a bigger one against the Yidden, Chas V’Shalom.

  2. I’m just wondering, peehaps some one with accurate information can advise. Are thesee veichles not covered by insurance?

  3. Insurance, even if they have, takes a while to obtain. The abulance is required immediately.

    In any event, the mitzvah of tzedaka exists either way.

  4. straightshooter – Apparently Hatzala felt a need to ask the tzibur to help them financially. You will not lose anything by providing tzedaka. You will be repaid with dividends.

  5. The KJ Hatzoloh does have insurance but insurance only covers current value and not replacement value, due to the fact that KJ Hatzoloh puts on an enormous amount of millage due to the long distance transports the ambulances depreciate for insurance coverage purposes very quickly

  6. Flatbush Bubby,
    You have this as a plot. It doesn’t say anywhere in any of the articles that this was arson. They could just be accidents. Could it be that perhaps the Rebonon Shel Olam is sending a message?

  7. I can only share with you “just me” an experience we had with our minivan which by no means is used for Hatzolah. We took it to a Muslim owned garage and soon afterwards it needed to be junked. Why? Someone had lit a fire underneath the engine! I am wondering if Hatzolah does repairs and maintenance solely in house or are there times when they take their ambulances to outside contractors such as Muslims. If anyone from Hatzolah is reading this blog and could enlighten us it would be appreciated.

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