LIBS’ WORST NIGHTMARE: Woman Behind “Libs of TikTok” Revealed as Frum Brooklyn Lady


A Washington Post article exposed the identity of a frum woman who has been running a Twitter account that simply posts TikTok videos created by educators in which they brag about teaching children about critical race theory and age-inappropriate matters.

Since the attempted hit piece was published on Tuesday, the woman – a frum Jew from Brooklyn – has gained more than 200,000 additional followers on her Twitter account, while the person responsible for the article has come under intense criticism for revealing the identity of a private person, including her home address and other personal information irrelevant to the story itself.

“I think that what I’m doing is very effective, and I think that a lot of people wanted to shut me down,” the woman told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. “They wanted to intimidate me into silence. And unfortunately for them, that’s just never gonna happen.”

The reporter who wrote the piece in the Post, Taylor Lorenz, used research conducted by Prototype Fund – founded by a former Twitter employee and funded by the German government – to unearth the identity of the woman behind the Twitter account.

Lorenz is now under intense scrutiny for doxxing the woman, revealing her name, occupation, and even that she’s an Orthodox Jew – details that should be irrelevant to the article’s readers. The article even included a hyperlink that contained information on the frum woman’s home address. That hyperlink was pulled from the article after backlash.

Lorenz is also being blasted for showing up at the home of one of the woman’s relatives.

Ironically – and hypocritically – Lorenz complained in an interview earlier this month about women being harassed and doxxed online.

“You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life and it’s so isolating,” a teary Lorenz told MSNBC. “It’s horrifying… It’s overwhelming.”

Lorenz also said that the way people have treated her caused her to have severe PTSD and she even contemplated suicide.

In a separate interview, Lorenz said online harassment is a “tool to silence people, especially women… for speaking out” and decried how her family members were harassed, calling it “horrifying and invasive.”

Lorenz also complained after this story was published that people were harassing her family members about her – something that she had just done to the creator of Libs of TikTok.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Its a shanda what “they” are doing to this poor, misunderstood “frum” woman who herself has used lies and deceptions to disrupt the lives of others and then goes on Tucker Carlson to complain about “poor me” and all I want is to maintain my privacy and continue my disruptive antics.
    Hey lady, as they say in Brooklyn, what goes around, comes around, and they’re “coming for you”.

  2. Well, now we know that the belief that your privacy is protected by anonymity is a falsehood.

    Also, according to quotes of hers posted on Wiki, “…in 2020 she said that she spends “all day, every day on the internet.” Lorenz has said that she suffers from “severe PTSD” as a result of online harassment.
    1) Easy fix – STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!
    2) If she’s on Social Media ALL DAY LONG she should see a psychologist. She definitely suffers emotional trauma that she is trying to drown out by distracting herself on social media rather than healing her wounds through therapy. If she doesn’t seek therapy soon, she may in fact resort to suicide being that she clearly can’t handle criticism.

  3. Gadolhadorah “has used lies and deceptions to disrupt the lives of others”. What lies and deceptions exactly?

    All she does is repost PUBLIC videos that the people inside of them PUBLICLY POSTED on social media.

  4. Wow gadolhadorah!

    From where do you know that she’s posting lies?
    And yes, what goes around comes around regarding Lorenz

    Something is fundamentally wrong when you get all upset about some lady that you don’t know anything about and speak lashon hara like she’s the worst person in the world

    I would never want anyone on this site to receive the harassment she is getting

  5. “Lies and Deception”? My understanding is that she was just collecting and publishing videos that were already in the public domain, that the users themselves had posted to social media. If anything she was giving them a wider audience which usually is considered a good thing. Please explain how her activities are “disrupting other people’s lives”? And if she was embarrassing Trump supporters, would that be ok in your book?

  6. @Gadolnottorah
    You sometimes make me vomit the way you try to smoothly twist logic by taking an overall true concept, and find one little nuance that you can play around with, and ultimately come up with a conclusion that’s based off your twisted mindset, yet doing it in the most diplomatic way.
    Sweetheart this is the act poison that the liberals are doing.
    And yes. Calling out morally disgusting abomination is not called lying, irs callled sticking up for basic morals. Hopefully more and more people will call them out, and will make the world stable.

  7. Can anybody explain why it is “The Libs Worst Nightmare”??? Contrary to what some might believe, the Left could not care less about us Jews.

  8. @gadolhadorah
    Not sure what your beef with this woman is, but it don’t seem to carry a good hechsher.
    Sarcasm, vitriol, unprovoked attacks, you seem to be swimming in a potpourri of “ucky-ness”…

  9. > Gadolhadorah

    Care to present any example of the alleged “lies and deceptions”? From what I read (and even “breaking Points” backs this up) “Libs of Tiktok” simply reposts (unedited! with at most a remark or comment made about the video) videos that the video creators themselves had posted publicly for the world to see and admire. In fact, the very power of “Libs of Tiktok” is the fact that the videos are NOT edited (and collected in one easy spot).

    And to add more lunacy to the story this Lorenz person was interviewed recently where she herself literally cries (or pretends to cry) in an emotional PTSD breakdown (or a pretend PTSD breakdown) over being criticized – just before she herself goes out of her way to investigate to “dox” and trash and invade the personal home of “Libs of Tiktok” family.

    And she herself sent an e-mail to DeSantis’ press secretary (who had referenced “Libs for Tik Tok” on occassion) asking for a comment WITHIN AN HOUR before she (Lorenz) releases a story (in her own words) “exposing the woman behind the “Libs of Tik Tok'” .

  10. @Gadolhadorah – it seems you are defending toavah?

    This is a very important article, because, first of all, until the Tucker Carlson interview, many people, especially those who don’t use ‘TikTok’ or other social media, wouldn’t know that the owner of the account ‘Libs of TikTok’ was really an exposé type of journalist, and not a defender of the crazy liberalism of these times. Second of all, the fact that she is a frum person is important as well – it makes her all the more heroic!

    Posting as you do, as someone who apparently respects the idea of ‘gadlus in Torah’ – and authentic yiddishkeit, one can only conclude favorably for you here, that perhaps you meant to malign the other person in this story, the ‘Lorenz’ character, who has gotten online expressing many of the negativities you mention.

  11. And now another going mom in the UK with the same name (Chaya is a popular Chabad name and the last name is also one of a large and well known [‘Gezhe’] Chabad family) is being targeted and cyberbullied, with her parents address being posted online.

    BTW, I love the judgement on the comments over here, so typical of ywn users, and oh so apropos for sefiras haomer.
    How lovely. Keep it up

  12. And now another mom in the UK with the same name (Chaya is a popular Chabad name and the last name is also one of a large and well known [‘Gezhe’] Chabad family) is being targeted and cyberbullied, with her parents address being posted online.

    BTW, I love the judgement on the comments over here, so typical of ywn users, and oh so apropos for sefiras haomer.
    How lovely. Keep it up!

  13. “Gadol”, you are a disgusting liar. How dare you? Name one “lie” or “deception” this lady has “used to disrupt the lives of others”. You can’t, because she’s never done that. She’s done nothing but expose these freaks themselves bragging about what they have done. Sometimes this has come to their employers’ attention, and they’ve been fired for what they did, for what they bragged about doing, not for any “lie” or “deception”. Did any of them not deserve to be fired?!