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Toronto Health Dept: Cellphone Use For Teens, Kids Potentially Unhealthy

yw text1.jpgToronto’s department of public health is advising teenagers and young children to limit their use of cellphones to avoid potential health risks.

The advisory – believed to be the first of its kind in Canada – warns that because of possible side effects from radio frequencies, children under eight should only use a cellphone in emergencies and teenagers should limit calls to less than 10 minutes.

“Teach them the ways to use a cellphone responsibly – to make shorter calls, to use other modes of communication; if it’s possible, use a landline,” said Loren Vanderlinden, a health department supervisor and the report’s author.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Vanderlinden said scientists were dismissive of any risk years ago. But with more studies, she said, a pattern is emerging that suggests people who have used their cellphones for a long period of time are at greater risk of certain kinds of brain tumours.

Eight years ago, a government inquiry in Britain concluded cellphones shouldn’t be marketed to children under 16 because so little was known about the long-term health risks.

But according to Health Canada, there is no firm evidence that cellphones pose health risks.

(Source: CBC)

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  1. i dont know about canada but the U.S. has regulations on cellphones to make sure they dont cause people using them harm

  2. This is only one of many, many new studies proving a link between cancer (of the brain and of the lower organs near the waist) and cell phones that have been publicized recently.

    People; Your health and our childrens health should not be put into danger of these horrible sicknesses. Please exercise restraint. We can live without cell phones (adults and children) There are payphones everywhere. Beepers work excellent and allow people to reach us anytime at a fraction of the cost as well.

    Why must we wait until there is more and more people getting terribly sick before we take common sense precautions and stop wearing and using cell phones?

  3. There are radio waves much more powerful hitting us all day all the time from the broadcast signals coming from the antennas that transmit powerful signals.These are much more dangerous according to this logic but no one says anything.

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