Scared Of Biden? Bennett Delays Demolition Of Terrorist’s Home

The victims of the Tel Aviv terror attack: Barak Lufan h’yd, 35, a father of three from Givat Shmuel, and childhood friends Tomer Morad, h’yd (M.) and Eytam Magini, h’yd, (R.) , both 27.

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The IDF has postponed the demolition of the Tel Aviv terrorist’s home until after the visit of US President Joe Biden, Army Radio reported on Wednesday morning.

The IDF had planned to soon demolish the home of Tel Aviv terrorist Raed Hazem in Jenin, after the Supreme Court recently approved the move.

However, after the White House on Tuesday confirmed Biden’s visit to Israel next month, the IDF agreed to a request from the political echelon to delay the demolition until after the visit due to fears that the demolition will escalate the delicate security situation in Jenin and northern Shomron.

The attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, which took place in April, killed three and injured numerous others.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Not to worry, they won’t attack while Biden is in the region, they love him, Heez gonna make them more powerful & rich again when we are forced to use terrorist oil. It gives a new meaning to CRUDE!
    Lets go Brandon!

  2. Not at all afraid of Senile US President.
    The New Zionist, PM Bennet is fearful of his Arab puppet masters who will bring down his pathetic government. He rather have partial poralasis and be held at ransom then have Netanyahu share in unity government. Such is the nature of power hungry dictators. Total lack of reasonable understanding of what is happening and best for citizens and The ZERO SUM GAME MENTALITY TO STAY IN POWER AT ALL COSTS.

  3. What a pathetic coward this yarmulka wearing traitor, afraid of a demented Alzheimer diseased old zombie.
    Meanwhile Saudi-Arabia and UAE, have more of a backbone than Bennet, they refused to even take any phone calls from this Dementia in chief.

  4. not afraid one bit….evil book ends Bennett and Biden….thank goodness for Hashem….both puppets of our Hashem____from crib to cradle to grave….

  5. @Reiven. Let’s all take a step away and look. It says clearly in the Torah that leaders will act just like this before Moshiach comes.

    Don’t get aggravated.
    Rather laugh like Rabbi Akiva